Monday, October 22, 2007


I know I am a day late on my Get It Down venture, but I have been hit with an incredible wave of exhaustion that has just taken me over.

We had a busy weekend, with Dakotah inviting 20+ friends to McMaze last night for her birthday party.

My sister and her husband were also here to visit from New Hampshire, so it was very nice to spend some time with them. And George managed to figure out how to fix Paige's wheelchair so she can recline in it and I am still able to push it - before, I was pushing at about knee level when she was reclined - not so easy on the ol' back!

Hopefully, she will be able to go back to school and spend some time there.

After Kathy and George left, I went to lie down in my bed (the first time I have been in my bed since October 2nd!). I intended to sleep for an hour, and then to get up to go to Special Olympics, but I literally could NOT move - I was aching, and shaky, and tired in a way that made my whole body feel heavy.

I slept for nearly 4 hours - probably the longest stretch of sleep I've had in the last 3 weeks, and since I've gotten up, I've barely been able to function - I just can't shake this fog.

I have so much on my plate over the next few months - I need to shake this exhaustion off and keep going, so I'm hoping this wave of it today will subside very quickly.

My day tomorrow is already full with a running list of "to do's" and people to call - organizing our life right now is a full time job.

Lord, let our reward for this hard work and these challenges be a little girl who gets up on her feet and walks by her birthday...

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