Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Shameless Plug!

Come and visit us! My sister will be coming up this weekend and we will be going to a craft fair with everything you see listed here, and lots more! Check it out...

Monday, November 19, 2007

What Do You Do When You're Stuck in a Body Cast?

Why, you decorate, of course!! (Pardon the mismatched clothes - we were halfway through getting dressed!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sleeping Beauty...

Paige fell asleep on the couch - its pitch dark in the room except for the light of my laptop. I could barely see her face when I took this picture - but I'm glad I did.

So pretty.

A Glimpse of Sweet Baby Cole!

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers gave birth to a beautiful little boy named Cole a few months ago. Cole was born with Down syndrome, and recently, his Mom and Dad spoke out on the joys that raising Cole has already brought them.

We were treated to seeing their family, in this interview. Cole is breathtaking, and his Mom spoke with poise and pride about her son.

One of the most important things Congresswoman Rodgers said was that it makes all the difference to hold that baby in your arms, to look at him, and see him as a person.


That is so true, and something that so many advocates for people with Down syndrome try to tell expectant parents when they receive this diagnosis. Before birth, Down syndrome is a list of traits and characteristics and predictions, piled on with yet another list of potential health problems.

After birth, Down syndrome very quickly takes its rightful place in your life - a small part of who your child is, regardless of health or ability.

Suddenly, its a tiny little girl or boy with blue eyes or brown eyes, a funny smile, a tuft of hair. There's milestones to be celebrated, no matter when they arrive. There are birthdays and laughter, and trips to the Zoo. There's first tastes of ice cream, and a nervous first trip to playgroup. There's friends and birthday party invitations, and swimming in the pool.

There is joy.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Memory Lane!

A sentimental journey...excuse the picture quality - it was pre-digital!!!

Dakotah visiting us just hours after Paige was born - before we found out how sick she was.

Baptizing Paige just before surgery - my father hated this picture of me, lol - a bit pale and puffy from crying and giving birth!

Six months old - unplugged, and 10 big pounds!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

So There!

In the wake of my mother sending my sister an article to forward to me on how to "cure" Down syndrome (another ranting post for another day), I offer my readers this...

My Gifted, Talented, Genius Daughter Paige - she meets all of these and more:

24 Qualities That Geniuses
Have in Common

The worlds greatest geniuses have all had 24 personality characteristics in common and you can develop the same traits yourself, says an expert.

"Most people have the mistaken idea that geniuses are born, not made", declared clinical psychologist Dr. Alfred Barrious, founder and director of the Self-Programmed Control Center of Los Angeles and author of the book, Towards Greater Freedom and Happiness.

"But if you look at the lives of the worlds greatest geniuses like Edison, Socrates, DaVinci, Shakespeare, Einstein, you will discover they all had 24 personality characteristics in common.

"These are traits that anyone can develop. It makes no difference how old you are, how much education you have, or what you have accomplished to date. Adopting these personality characteristics enables you to operate on a genius level."

Here are the Characteristics Dr. Barrios lists, which enable geniuses to come up with and develop new and fruitful ideas:

  1. DRIVE. Geniuses have a strong desire to work hard and long. They're willing to give all they've got to a project. Develop your drive by focusing on your future success, and keep going.
  2. COURAGE. It takes courage to do things others consider impossible. Stop worrying about what people will think if you're different.
  3. DEVOTION TO GOALS. Geniuses know what they want and go after it. Get control of your life and schedule. Have something specific to accomplish each day.
  4. KNOWLEDGE. Geniuses continually accumulate information. Never go to sleep at night without having learned at least one new thing each day. Read. And question people who know.
  5. HONESTY. Geniuses are frank, forthright and honest. Take the responsibility for thins that go wrong. Be willing to admit, 'I goofed' and learned from my mistakes.
  6. OPTIMISM. Geniuses never doubt they will succeed. Deliberately focus your mind on something good coming up.
  7. ABILITY TO JUDGE. Try to understand the facts of a situation before you judge. Evaluate things on an opened minded, unprejudiced basis and be willing to change your mind.
  8. ENTHUSIASM. Geniuses are so excited about what they are doing, it encourages others to cooperate with them. Really believe that things will out well. Don’t hold back.
  9. WILLINGNESS TO TAKE CHANcES. Overcome your fear of failure. You won't be afraid to take chances once you realize you can learn from your mistakes.
  10. DYNAMIC ENERGY. Don’t sit on your butt waiting for something good to happen. Be determined to make it happen.
  11. ENTERPRISE. Geniuses are opportunity seekers. Be willing to take on jobs others won't touch. Never be afraid to try the unknown.
  12. PERSUASION. Geniuses know how to motivate people to help them get ahead. You'll find it easy to be persuasive if you believe in what you're doing.
  13. OUTGOINGNESS. I've found geniuses able to make friends easily and be easy on their friends. Be a ‘booster’ not somebody who puts others down. That attitude will win you many valuable friends.
  14. ABILITY TO COMMUNICATE. Geniuses are generally able to get their ideas across to others. Take every opportunity to explain your ideas to others.
  15. PATIENCE. Be patient with others most of the time, but always be impatient with your self. Expect far more of yourself than others.
  16. PERCEPTION. Geniuses have their mental radar working full time. Think more of others' needs and wants than you do your own.
  17. PERFECTIONISM. Geniuses cannot tolerate mediocrity, particularly in themselves. Never be easily satisfied with your self. Always strive to do better.
  18. SENSE OF HUMOR. Be willing to laugh at your own expense. Don't take offense when the joke is on you.
  19. VERSATILITY. The more things you learn to accomplish, the more confidence you will develop. Don’t shy away from new endeavors.
  20. ADAPTABILITY. Being flexible enables you to adapt to changing circumstances readily. Resist doing things the same old way. Be willing to consider new options.
  21. CURIOSITY. An inquisitive, curious mind will help you seek out new information. Don't be afraid to admit you don’t know it all. Always ask questions about things you don’t understand.
  22. INDIVIDUALISM. Do things the way you think they should be done, without fearing somebody's disapproval.
  23. IDEALISM. Keep your feet on the ground -- but have your head in the clouds. Strive to achieve great things, not just for yourself but for the better of mankind.
  24. IMAGINATION. Geniuses know how to think in new combinations, see things from a different perspective, than anyone else. Unclutter your mental environment to develop this type of imagination. Give yourself time each day to daydream, to fantasize, to drift into a dreamy inner life the way you did as a child.

Friday, November 09, 2007

I Got My Hair Cut!

On a whim, I said, "Cut it all off - I want it short." I figured that I just wouldn't want to deal with it over the next weeks, especially if we have a hospital stay (which we might just avoid after all!)

Now, I kinda look like a cross between my (MUCH) older sister and this guy:

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ok, Guys - I've Entertained You!!

Now its your turn to entertain me!!! I posted 31 posts in 31 days for October! I have been getting 40+ hits every day on my blog, but NO comments. ***Aren't you intrigued when someone seems to read your blog often, but you don't know who they are?!?!

Say hi - I love making new friends!

***Edit - Ok, so I got some comments, lol...just not 30 or 40 a day...I live with a teenager - I exaggerate ;)

Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Annette!!

Please hop on over and wish my friend Annette a Happy Birthday today! You are an amazing woman!

How Sweet and Fun!

I haven't had this much fun singing the National Anthem in like...well, ever.

Go Red Sox!!