Thursday, November 08, 2007

Ok, Guys - I've Entertained You!!

Now its your turn to entertain me!!! I posted 31 posts in 31 days for October! I have been getting 40+ hits every day on my blog, but NO comments. ***Aren't you intrigued when someone seems to read your blog often, but you don't know who they are?!?!

Say hi - I love making new friends!

***Edit - Ok, so I got some comments, lol...just not 30 or 40 a day...I live with a teenager - I exaggerate ;)


~Melissa~ said...

I thought I had commented at some point - sorry! I enjoyed reading your blog during 31 for 21 :)

Chris said...

Hi, I think I left you a comment during 31 for 21. I have enjoyed your blog too. I like reading about older children. It seems like there are so many blogs about babies and toddlers. It is good to get a glimpse of what might be ahead.

Laura said...

Oh I stalk, um, I mean, stop by your blog at least 10 times a day! :)~

Emily said...

Hi! I am Emily, mom to Macy (5 months) who has DS. I found your blog through some other DS related blog (can't remember exactly which one, LOL, they all seem to link up!)

You have such great perspective on things and I really enjoy reading your blog!

I am at

Pam said...

Okay, I am a bit late. I saw this post the first day you did it, but I am too lazy to comment, and usually have a two year old on my lap helping me type.

But I am here!!