Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Glimpse of Sweet Baby Cole!

Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers gave birth to a beautiful little boy named Cole a few months ago. Cole was born with Down syndrome, and recently, his Mom and Dad spoke out on the joys that raising Cole has already brought them.

We were treated to seeing their family, in this interview. Cole is breathtaking, and his Mom spoke with poise and pride about her son.

One of the most important things Congresswoman Rodgers said was that it makes all the difference to hold that baby in your arms, to look at him, and see him as a person.


That is so true, and something that so many advocates for people with Down syndrome try to tell expectant parents when they receive this diagnosis. Before birth, Down syndrome is a list of traits and characteristics and predictions, piled on with yet another list of potential health problems.

After birth, Down syndrome very quickly takes its rightful place in your life - a small part of who your child is, regardless of health or ability.

Suddenly, its a tiny little girl or boy with blue eyes or brown eyes, a funny smile, a tuft of hair. There's milestones to be celebrated, no matter when they arrive. There are birthdays and laughter, and trips to the Zoo. There's first tastes of ice cream, and a nervous first trip to playgroup. There's friends and birthday party invitations, and swimming in the pool.

There is joy.


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Debra said...

So true...Hope is Hope and no matter what comes up in her life...she will always be Hope. I remember that first glace at my newest addition and the words that followed...so far she is still Hope.