Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Tulip Project

This year, one of the contributions that I will be making for "Livee's Loonies for CHEO" is a series of handmade cards that I have created with my sister, Kathy.

We have named this series "The Tulip Project" as all the cards in this series will have a tulip somewhere on them. On the back of each card is a note explaining why we have chosen tulips, and a little about the project.

This project is very near and dear to me, and its very good for my soul to look forward to it each year. I have been busy creating these cards and truly feel as if it is a labor of love to do so.

I am especially endeared to it this year, as we have had a very tough year medically with Paige, and she has been hospitalized 4 times over the winter at CHEO.

If you would like to order a set of cards, please email me at, or call me anytime.

To view some samples of our work, please click the links below:

Set One
Set Two
Set Three

Thank you! :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

For Princess Livee

As many of you know, last year, my family was blessed beyond measure, when our friends Leonard and Carol asked us to be a part of a very special fund-raiser called "Livee's Loonies for CHEO."

Len and Carol are very good friends of ours, and we love them and their seven children dearly. The fund-raiser exceeded our greatest expectations - raising nearly $20,000 in just a few short weeks; all donated by friends and family.

Those weeks were one of the most amazing times in my life. I felt purposeful, and like I finally, finally had found a way to say thank you to so many who had meant so much in our lives.

I created this video as a thank you to Livee's friends and family, who have loved and supported their family. Over 100 copies were distributed in Eastern Ontario, to schools, friends, family, doctors, etc.

I've finally figured out a way to make it accessible on my blog...Powerpoint is not the most compatible program in the world to work with.

So, excuse the poor quality, and the words "evaluation copy" at the bottom of the slides.

Enjoy one of my great blessings...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Daughter is....

"almost, sort of" WALKING

Is there really anything more than that to say?!?!? It is as amazing and glorious to watch her take her first steps after surgery as it was to watch them the very first time she learned to walk.
God blessed us with the miracle of perception - we waited six long years for her to walk the first time; surely we can wait a few months to see if it returns once again.

She is determined, and has surprised all of us more than once, as she first worked to sit up on her own, and then to lay back down, and within a couple of days, to pull herself all over the room, and then soon, she was on her hands and knees - and then trying topull to stand at the table or the couch or near the computer.

She is working hard to shift her weight from leg to leg to start taking those first steps...

She has a lot of muscle tone to recover, but she is getting there....

She is...simply amazing.

I say that as if we didn't already know that. yeah right.