Sunday, October 07, 2007

One Red Paper Clip!

I'm sure some of you have heard of Kyle McDonald who traded one red paper clip for a house. In just one year and 14 trades, he started with a red paper clip, traded it up for a fish pen, traded that up for a drawer knob, traded that up for a coleman stove, and get the idea.

I think Kyle is a bit of a lamer, who readily admits he started this because he really didn't want to actually hold a job, but his idea took off, and he has had a media frenzy surrounding him. He has also written a book about his experience.

It is a funny story about how imaginative people can be, and how life evolves.

I've thought about Kyle's story, and I think I've traded one red paper clip too.

1) I started with a ultrasound showing no kidneys or stomach in my baby
2) I traded for an amnio
3) I traded the amnio for the knowledge that my baby would have Trisomy 21
4) I traded the knowledge of Trisomy 21 for the arrival of a screaming baby
5) I traded a screaming baby for many corrective surgeries to ensure her future
6) I traded surgeries for Physio, Occupational, and Speech Therapy
7) I traded Therapies for new skills learned like Sign Language and walking
8) I traded Sign Language and walking for even more independence
9) I traded that independence for an admission to school
10) I traded that admission to school for a program specially designed to help Paige reach her fullest potential.
11) I traded that program for a happy, thriving little girl who learned to match her colors and recognize letters and numbers
12) I traded this happy thriving little girl for a girl who learned to swim and ride horses
13) I traded that athletic girl for a cuddly, affectionate almost young-lady whom I adore.
14) I refused further trades.

There...beat that Kyle.


Tara Marie said...


I remember seeing a news story about the Red Paper clip guy.

I think you have made excellent trades, and like you, I would trade this journey for anything in the whole wide world!

Love ya....give Paige hugs and kisses from Emma Sage and I

Laura said...

I love you Betsy and I love your Paige. I'm glad you ended up where you did with your trades, because that's what brought ME into your life! lol

I'm away on vacation right now and have been experiencing major technical difficulties, but want you to know that we are keeping Sweet Paige, and you of course, in our thoughts and prayers. I hope your sweetie is on the mend, and is feeling better real soon.

Oh, and by the way, just give me that ladies name from the other day,,,,I'll come and kick her ass for you! Well,.....just because! :) Love you gals!

Casdok said...

And no he cant beat that!

The Farmer's Wife said...

I don't know how to actually put into words what reading your blog does to help me understand you better. For all of you out there, reading this on line, Betsy and I actually know each other in the "real world". We sit and drink coffee and talk face to face. I know her husband and her two daughters and her dog!
I am always in awe of how you handle your day-to-day challenges.
I often wonder if I would have the patience and fortitude that you show every day! Then I think, why would I love my child less because she has a diagnosis of Down's Syndrome? It certainly doesn’t make her any less of a person or any less my child. I think dealing with the physical challenges of her situation is probably harder. Paige is happy and smiling and her personality is really what makes her special. Just like my daughters are special, not because they have no physical or mental challenges, but because they are MINE! I would love them as you love both your girls no matter what! It's funny how people see Paige as unfortunate and you as burdened. That's because they are not smart enough, perceptive enough and strong enough to realize that they would love their child just as much as they do now, even if they had the same challenges as you do.
One of the most impressive things I’d ever seen you do was at baseball. One day a young child, about 4 or so came over and began to talk to us. She noticed Paige and asked who she was. She also asked “what’s wrong with her?” You said and I think I can remember your exact words. “Paige has Down’s Syndrome. It just means it takes her longer to learn stuff than it takes you.”
And I think is the reason you “manage” so well. It’s a simple and very clear answer that describes your outlook perfectly! Paige will get there, it will just take her longer! Sometimes it takes me longer too! Thanks Betsy for sharing with me!