Monday, October 22, 2007


Ugh - as soon as I hit enter after that last post, I wanted to kick myself.

Obviously, the challenges involved with Paige having to be casted are Paige's challenges - not mine. Its Paige who's life is turned upsidedown, who is carrying that big heavy cast around with no ability to really understand why. She's the one missing her school friends and her daily routine. She's the one who will have to endure surgery and the related pain and further casting.

I gladly and humbly care for her in any way she needs. I fully understand the toll it takes on her is greater than the one it takes on me.

She does it all with a quiet, gentle dignity that never falters in her ability to love and be affectionate. The least I can do is return that grace.

I'll get over myself by morning, I'm sure.


Chris said...

You haven't been in your bed since Oct. 2. You are caring for a child in a body cast, planning birthday parties, doing volunteer work, posting to your blog, and you are feeling bad for voicing the fact that your life is exhausting! Give yourself a break! Yes, it is your daughter's life that is turned upside down, but your life sounds pretty turned around too. It is ok to admit that sometimes caring for a child is exhausting and challenging. You shouldn't feel the need to kick yourself for that. I have enjoyed ready your post and it is I who is humbled by how you handle your challenges with such grace and selflessness.

Tara Marie said...

I agree with is OK to say that sometimes it is a bit much.

and the one thing that I have noticed, is that you have been extremely conscious that Paiges life has been turned upside down and you have gone above and beyond to make her comfortable, to try and understand the situation.

You are an amazing woman Betsy.....and sometimes it does get to a poit where it becomes overwhelming, but as Chris said, you handle those challenges iwth grace and selflessness.

I love you.