Saturday, October 06, 2007

Twenty One Food and Beverages I'm Grateful For

If any of you have ever spent any time alone in the hospital with your children, you will completely understand this light-hearted post! As Paige was not able to eat or drink anything at all yesterday, I also did not, as I didn't want to leave her, and didn't want to eat or drink in front of her.

And today I was busy caring for her, so food and drink were evasive as well.

Needless to say, I was pretty hungry and thirsty after nearly 48 hrs!!!

So here was what I thought of as a distraction from our medical dramas on the way home.

Twenty-one Food and Beverages I'm Grateful For:

1) Hot Coffee
2) Diet Pepsi
3) Grey Goose Cosmos
4) White Wine
5) Zinfandel
6) Fresh strawberries dipped in cream cheese & strawberry yogurt dip
7) Hot buttered toast
8) Triple Chocolate Utopia from DQ
9) New York Super Fudge Chunks of Chocolate by Ben & Jerry
10) Cheese fondue
11) Warm Apple Crisp
12) Thanksgiving Turkey & stuffing
13) Pumpkin Mousse
14) Cashews
15) Junior Mints
16) Frozen Strawberry Daquiris
17) Chicken marinated in Italian dressing, and cooked in strips
18) Fresh Fruit Salad
19) Lasagna
20) Butternut squash
21) Lucky Charms maybe I wasn't all that hungry - I had to reach for some of these!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hungry in deed. I hope both of you are able to eat soon.

Almost all of the foods/drinks you mention sound yummy!

Tara Marie said...

Yummy....but I see where your priorities are my drinks are listed first! lol!!!