Sunday, October 14, 2007

What An Uplifting Day!!

My amazing friend Camille has started a Special Olympics swim team! Today was our first official day. Paige couldn't participate because of her cast, but I went along to help out.

I got to meet lots of new people, and it was amazing to see how well the kids took to the pool. A couple of the kids are ones who go every week with us, but some of them were new to the water, and to each other.

I had lots of fun with Jacob, a little boy with T21, who is just one month older than Paige. Boy, oh boy...anyone who says that all people with Down syndrome are alike only need to meet Paige and Jake...they couldn't be more different!

What a sweetheart Jake is - with a shy little smile, he was a bit nervous in the water, but he tried anything I asked him to. His speech is soooo amazing - he speaks full sentences and is very easy to understand. Other than some physical features of a child with T21, you'd be hard pressed to convince me!

Next week, Jake is going to blow some bubbles in the water for me!

And Emma, Camille's daughter, entertained everyone as usual. She's such a love - and its so funny to see her jump into life (and the pool!) so gloriously.

It was amazing to see Patrick swim the length of the pool, and to hear everyone, both in the pool and out of it, clap and cheer for him. His face was priceless when he came up out of the water and looked around and realized the applause was for him.

There was kind of a funny moment when one of the Moms was speaking to Camille and me at the end about all of our kids. She adopted her son, and he has some mild delays from his early rocky beginnings in life. She looks at Camille and says, "I think Down syndrome is happier and easiest to raise."

LOL - I could see Camille's face as she tried to formulate an answer to that! Emma is a busy little girl who has an opinion on much of her day!! Although she is certainly happy and loving, she also knows what she wants, and she isn't afraid to tell Mommy what that is!

The Mom said, "Down syndrome doesn't have tempers like my son has." hahahahahaha....

We all have so much to learn from one another - I can't wait until next week!

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