Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Things Are Falling Into Place For Us

I have no idea what date on the calendar it is, but we are now on day five of Paige's body cast. Today was really productive for us.

Paige has been sleeping on an air mattress on our living room floor, and I've been sleeping on the couch next to her. We are going to get a bed that will be the same height as our couch, so that I don't have to pick her up from such a low level.

Tomorrow, we will have a wheelchair delivered that will help in transporting Paige. Right now, we are stuck to even move her around, as it is very awkward to pick her, and her cast up. It will recline in a way that Paige can actually sort of sit for a while. Right now, she is flat - either on her back or her tummy.

Last night, we all had Thanksgiving dinner on the living room floor, so Paige could join us. It was great fun!!!

And getting the wheelchair will help me to go to drs appointments with her.

So...we are just waiting on a little tub that will allow me to wash her waist length hair! Yahoo!!!

Dakotah has decorated her cast already - she has a "tattoo" of three little butterflies on her back - haviing a cast does not excuse one of being trendy!!

So five days down, heaven knows how much longer to go~~~

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Anonymous said...

What a creative idea for Thanksgiving. Trendy body art tattoos on her cast sound wonderful and fun.

I hope you are able to get a bed soon, I know how hard it is too pick up a sleeping child off the floor...I can't imagine a child in a large body cast.