Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Today, in my next entry for "Get It Down," I'm going to celebrate the way Paige dances.

Her favorite dance is to set her music going, and then tip her head backward, with a big smile on her face and spin. Its the most fun right after her bath when her hair is still damp, and flowing freely down past her butt when she spins.

But, she's not too picky. She likes to dance just about anywhere. She's happy like that. Sometimes when she has no music, she'll hum a little tune. And sometimes she'll come up to me, wrap her around around my neck and just sway, understanding that language of love between mother and child than no one else can.

Paige has had a very difficult time with her legs this week. She has only been to school one day...the only day out of the last five that she could put any weight on her legs at all. Her knee is obviously dislocated, and she is in pain. We have an appointment with an orthopedic specialist in the morning.

Still, she is happy, sweet and affectionate.

So, today when you are celebrating someone or something about Down syndrome, do a little dance for Paige.

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rebecca said...

Elainah loves to dance. I will be sure to have her dance often, for Paige. :)