Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Things I've Learned From Paige

In honor of the last day of "Get it Down" - 31 posts in 31 days for Down syndrome, I thought I'd share some very cool things that Paige has taught me.

Thirty One Things Paige has Taught Me

1) Its more important to sing when you're happy than it is to worry about what other people think of your singing.

2) Communication is 95% body language and 5% spoken word. Those percentages are even greater when you use your hands to speak.

3) Favorite stories are funnier if you change the tone of your voice every time you read them.

4) When black is your favorite crayon color, its o.k. to color Valentine's hearts with them.

5) If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands.

6) People need to hug more.

7) Sunshine feels warm on your face, and makes wonderful shadows.

8) Friends just know.

9) Dancing does not require standing on your feet.

10) Batteries are an awesome Christmas gift - favorite old toys come to life again!

11) An 80 lb. dog and a 60 lb. kid in a cast can both fit under a coffee table.

12) The world is more beautiful when seen through Brushfield spots.

13) A set of markers and a naked belly make for great tattoos.

14) Mimicking Daddy's snoring does NOT wake him up.

15) Words are important - even when you can't speak.

16) Water splashes, leaves crunch, snowflakes taste good on the tongue, and spring flowers smell nice.

17) Big sister's rooms are full of wonderful treasures.

18) If you say hi enough times, eventually they'll say hi back.

19) Peers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and ages and abilities.

20) It does take a village to raise a child.

21) Big sisters are important.

22) Sometimes you can have a "first" more than once - we're looking forward to first steps again!

23) Don't believe everything they tell you.

24) We all matter.

25) You can't tell a lot about a person from their karaotype

26) You can tell a lot about a person if you look in their eyes, smile, and let them show you who they are.

27) Its kinda fun to do the impossible.

28) Blessings sometimes come in disguise - and its great fun to unwrap them.

29) Sometimes you gotta take life one day at a time.

30) Sometimes, you wish those days would last forever.

31) Live joyfully.

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