Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Don't believe it until you see it!

So, at our visit to the Orthopedic Surgeon last week, we learned that Paige will be in a body cast for much of the winter, with probably two major surgeries mixed in the middle somewhere.

Our surgeon is still very hesitant to operate on her, as he is unsure of the success of the surgery. However, we are pretty much at the point where it has to be done.

As he was delivering what seemed like bad news after bad the other day, one of the things he said was that his main goal for this surgery will be for comfort - that Paige will not have to experience the level of pain involved in dislocated hips again. He reminded me that he does not know if she will walk again...

The reality of that hit me, and I was quite sad to think of that. Its crazy how much of her world has to be brought to her when she has no mobility. I want her to retain her curiosity - to be able to explore the world at will.

Still, I am immensely grateful that what we are dealing with right now is just a physical problem. We will adjust and do what we must do to get through this, and we will be just fine.

But, my crazy little girl is just rolling her eyes at us - we have already been told once she would never walk, and she has been walking for four years already.

As I was telling Wayne about our appointment the other night, he had Paige standing up, balancing her a bit, and letting her legs get a little workout. Well...just like that, she springs forward, and walks about 5 steps to the couch all by herself, waddling along with that heavy body cast on her.

I think instead of never seeing her walk again, we are going to be blessed to celebrate "first steps" all over again, and oh, how glorious they will be.

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