Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sweet Noah

Today, my dear friend Carol stopped by for a visit with Paige and me. It was so nice to see her - she always has a great smile on her face, and a big hug for me. Carol is Livee's Mom.

Carol also has six other kids besides Livee. The next little one in age is Noah. Cute little Noah, with a tiny sprinkle of freckles and a twinkle in his eye - quick with a giggle and still so very sweet and innocent.

Noah's still young enough that he has that adorable way of saying words that just makes you smile, and he calls his baby sister "Wivee."

In Noah's kindergarten class, there is a little girl who has some developmental delays so she is not walking or talking yet. Noah just adores her and loves to push her around the classroom and help her out.

While he was planning his birthday party, he said, "If I'm too busy to push her, Nick (his older brother) can push her for a while." So cute...

Carol said they were making applesauce in class last week, and each child was to bring one apple in to school. Noah went to get his before school, and he comes back with two. Carol says to him, "I thought you only had to bring one apple to school today."

Noah says, "Mommy, J can't talk yet to tell her Mom that she needs an apple so I'm bringing one for her."

Today's life lesson comes straight from Noah - tomorrow when you start your day, pack an extra apple, whether it be an actual apple, or just a smile or a kind word, and bring along for someone who might forget to bring theirs...

You're the man, Noah!

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Tara Marie said...

Oh always do this to make me smile, you bring tears of joy to my eyes and you make be think and say prayers of thanks.

I shall always carry and extra apple with me.

Thinking of you.