Saturday, March 25, 2006

Mission Impossible

So I have determined that it is completely impossible for me to write in this blog with my family in the house. I sat down at this computer a full hour ago to write a bit about Paige's speech evaluations.

Since then, Paige has come to the computer about 30 times, wanting to play Teletubbies & Caillou at Dakotah has had a hair crisis that resulted in me having to leave the computer to go and braid her hair.

And Wayne has been looking for two cd's that he needs to take on a service call with him. And of course, I, having a uterus, which is the ultimate location device, am supposed to know exactly where these two cd's are.

Bear in mind that the man literally has thousands of cd's in our house...some burned, some not. Very few of the burned ones are labeled. Some are in cases, some are just stacked. When the stacks of them overtake my kitchen table, I simply pile them up and put them in the backroom for him to organize "later."

He found one cd. And then promptly walked out the door without it in his hand. I ran after him, yelling his name. He had the van door open, how could he have not heard me? How did he not jump when I banged on the back window? And how did he not see me trailing down the sidewalk waving my arms furiously in the air?

God help anyone on the streets today!!! Hopefully you aren't carrying the magical cd that makes you invisible to large men driving minivan's.
Tonight is another birthday bash for Paige, so I'm off to prepare for that.
Oh, and the Peanuts picture above? No just makes me happy to look at it! :)

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