Monday, March 13, 2006

It's A Crazy, Wonderful Life

Well, here I am. I'm starting this blog in the hopes of plodding through my life story for my children. I have always known there was a great need to write our family history share the stories of their childhood with them.

And, I know that there is a book in me yet to be written. Unfortunately, with the recent crash of our harddrive, much of what I have recorded is gone forever. So, I start again.

You never know what life will deliver to you; it all happens so fast, and unexpected things happen all the time. Much to my chargrin, when 40 arrived, time didn't slow down, and I didn't start to go backward in years, so hopefully, I will get some of our life down where it belongs.

I will have to fight for time to "blog" our lives...with a near-teenager who believes that she needs to be connected to MSN 24/7 "just in case" someone logs on, an almost 9-year old that has discovered, and lots of fun games there, and a husband that needs to check the scores and read the daily newspaper online, I often find myself last in line for time on the computer, much like I find myself last in line for many things!

At the very best, this blog will be stories my children will cherish, and stories of the incredible life blessings I have been given. At the very worst, it will be ramblings...thoughts, feelings, opinions that perhaps only I care about!

And maybe, just maybe, when all is said and done, I'll be able to pick it apart enough to finally get that book...


Mauzy said...

Oh we care, believe me! I would start with "Why termination affects me so" from my blog since you wrote it!

I see we have so much in common personality wise; I am both an extrovert and a loner. So true!

love you and will love reading your blog!

Tara Marie said...

I am so excited that you are starting a blog Betsy.....I refer to your thoughts and writings often.

Now off to read the 101 things about you [you Becks girl you!]

Peace and love, TM