Friday, March 24, 2006

Happy Birthday Miss Emma!!

Our family has been blessed not only with Paige, but with another special little girl with Down syndrome named Emma!

Emma was born the day after Paige's 4th Birthday; and we call her the "best birthday gift Paige ever got."

Emma is a sweet little girl, who is so funny and smart! She is just turning 5 years old today, and can already count to 12, and recognizes many letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make.

Emma was born with a heart defect, but now she is a busy, healthy girl, who always has time to stop for a kiss and a hug. She has the cutest little voice, and everyone who meets her falls madly in love with her.

She just got back from a trip to Disney where she went on a cruise and to Disneyland. She had lots of new experiences, and handled all of them like a trooper. She loved meeting all of the characters, and gets excited every time she sees the picture of her with her pal Mickey.

This picture is of Paige and Emma at school yesterday, celebrating their birthdays. The beautiful castle cake they are enjoying was made by Emma's mom, one of my dearest friends.

When Paige got the gift of Emma for her birthday, I also got the gift of Camille as my friend. She is an amazing woman...strong and compassionate and caring. Not only with her own children, but with her friends and extended family, she is always there for them.

I am in awe of her ability to always see the good in people; to always "walk on the bright side of the sidewalk." She has touched so many people's lives, and made such a difference in this world.

I am very blessed to have her as my friend, and to have her precious little girl to love as well.


Tara Marie said...

Happy Birthday Miss Emma, from a friend you have not met yet...but hope that someday you two will!

Hope your day was magical and filled with love and wonder and lots of childhood delights!

Big Birthday hugs and kisses from Emma Sage and her Mommy

Nicole said...

What an awesome friendship for you both! Love those girls and the Mommies. Camille sounds like a great gift!

Camille said...

What a wonderful birthday wish.
Thank you so much from the very bottom of our hearts.
Camille and Emma