Sunday, January 06, 2008


Paige had her surgery on Friday - it was long, and he had to do both her hip and her femur. She is in a spica from her armpits to her ankle on one side, and her knee on the other.

We had trouble getting pain under control after surgery, and they gave her a lot of pain meds. She reacted badly to them, and they had a hard time stabilizing her afterward. Her sats plummeted and her heart was racing.

So, it took a few hours to get her out of recovery.

Her first night was rough - she was awake for most of the night, and in a lot of discomfort. The pain meds made her incredibly itchy, and she didn't respond to benadryl. She was also probably hallucinating from them, which made it difficult to comfort her.

Yesterday, she was very, very swollen - her feet are like little bread loaves, and her face was nearly unrecognizable. She was a bit more comfortable until mid-afternoon when her iv slipped, and fluid filled her arm - it got rock hard and hot to the touch, and very very painful.

It took 4 of us nearly 2 hours to get another i.v. in her - there is simply no place to put it, and everything collapses when they tried.

After that, she got quite a bit of pain meds, and slept from about 4 yesterday until this morning - she was just kind of in and out of it during that time.

She isn't putting out much urine at all, so they are still pumping her full of liquids. She is still pretty swollen and pale from blood loss.

We just had an x-ray to check for pneumonia, as she is quite foamy around the mouth and breathing is pretty labored.

So...we are here for a while longer.

I can't seem to get anything into her to eat or drink...two spoons of oatmeal and a couple of sips of juice that I forced into her this morning caused wretching and gagging for 20 minutes.

I think all of this is pretty much expected - this is not an easy surgery. Still, its hard to watch my baby just lie there, pale and swollen...

We will hear back from x-ray shortly - hopefully we won't have another complication to deal with.

I'll keep updating my blog for those who are reading it.


Laura said...

We are praying so hard for Paige to have a speedy recovery. I am so sorry things are going so rough right now. Thanks for the update. (((((hugs)))))

Pam said...

We are praying for you guys. I am so sorry that this was such a hard surgery.

If there is anything we can do from afar let us know. For now we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers for things to make a big turn around, and for Paige to start feeling loads better FAST.


Pam and Rhett

joanie5 said...

I hope that Paige is doing better and is in less pain. Hang in there !
Joanie and Thomas

Mauzy said...

prayers continue my friend, and oh how difficult it must be for you!

Hugs to Paige!

Melissa said...

We're praying for her; hoping that she turns the corner and starts feeling better soon!

Melissa (Garrett's mommmy)

Michelle said...

Saying many prayers for sweet Paige, and you! Hope she is doing better today! Many hugs, Betsy!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the update. I'll be praying for Paige and the rest of you. It is so hard to see your child in the hospital feeling poorly. Hugs to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Betsy, how's it going today? We are anxiousely awaiting an update! Praying that all is well with your sweet girl.

Kari said...

Saying prayers for Paige!