Thursday, January 17, 2008

Paige had her check-up today

She is doing really well. I was sort of hoping he would trim the cast down a bit, but no such luck.

I got to see the x-rays of her hips before and after - its really fascinating to see how they look - how the anatomy of hip dysplasia looks - its very obvious that it has literally worn down her hip sockets on both sides.

And the after picture was kind of neat too - she has bone grafts and a big metal plate with three screws in it. Its funny that the screws look like regular ol' carpentry screws, lol.

Her other hip is just as bad, if not worse, so that will eventually be done as well. He says this one looks really good though, and if it works, at least he'll know what to do on the other one.

So, no weight bearing for another 5 weeks - no rolling, etc. Another 5 weeks on her back, poor kid...

Things are falling into place though, and we will be able to get back into a routine next week where she will be able to go to school for a bit in the morning, and at least get some socialization in. I have a personal support worker that will be coming in in the afternoons to work with her. She is very sweet, and does lots with Paige while she is here.

Paige has been just adorable the last few days - so affectionate, so full of laughs and smiles, and so, so sweet. Every time I get near her, her face lights up - what Mom doesn't love that?

If it were summer, and we lived near a beach, I'd carry her in that big bulky cast out to a blanket in the sand, and just waste an afternoon or two talking about nothing, listening to the waves, and watching the shapes in the clouds...

She's actually in a pretty good position for snow angels too, but that entails a little more work, and cold, and wet, then we can do right now, lol.


Laura said...

So happy to hear that she is doing well. I've been worried about both of you.

If the next hip is done during the summer, make sure you have it done in NY, and she can recover here. I live 10 minutes from the beach! :)

Nicole said...

I missed a lot with your Paige. You know, during my surgical rotation I was lucky enough to see one of these surgeries and I was amazed at the shape the hips were in pre-op. My patient was in his late 70s though - I probably would have been in tears watching someone as little as Paige endure it. So you are now dealing with a Spica cast? What a trooper she is. Is it driving her nuts?