Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Funny new trick

Paige has been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately. My theory is that it is because she is spending so much time immobile, that her body doesn't really know to relax when its nighttime - that there really isn't much transition for her, somewhat similar to the sleeping problems people who are blind sometimes have.

Because of her casting, she is sleeping in a hospital bed on our main floor, and I am sleeping next to her on the couch. She has to be turned every couple of hours to prevent bed sores, and needs help to make any moves to make herself more comfortable.

The other night, she was just not going to sleep. She was in a good mood, singing away, tapping on her bed rails, kicking the one foot she has mobility in - anything she could do to entertain herself.

It was getting late, and I was getting tired - somewhere around midnight. So, I would say to her, "Paige it's time for sleep." And then she would fake snore for three or four breaths, and then laugh hysterically!

It was so funny to see her think of that joke all on her own, and to try to get away with something. Every time I moved, or rolled over, or cleared my voice, she would start the snore again, and then giggle afterward.

Tooooo cute!


Beth said...

That is too funny!!! Hope she is getting some rest, so you can too!

mum2brady said...

hee hee - hopefully she got comfy soon and you both got some sleep! Praying the casting is working and your cute girl will have her mobility back soon!

Mauzy said...

I love how you can find the humor in this, and Paige too!

Three more weeks!

Sustenance Scout said...

Betsy, I'm so glad I came by your blog. I've only read your most recent posts and am just amazed. Also loved the dramatic teenage syndrome re your older daughter. Too funny. Paige, meanwhile, is cute as pie. Please give her a gentle hug from Denver.

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