Thursday, March 08, 2007

What I Love About Down syndrome

Ok, so maybe not all of these have anything to do with Down syndrome, but this is just a light-hearted post about celebrating that little extra...

The Top Ten Things I Love About Paige Having Down Syndrome

10) That "laugh with wild abandonment" giggle.
9) Flexibility, baby.
8) Chromosomes that look like caterpillars (Thanks, Becky!)
7) We celebrate milestones, not race through them
6) Those beautiful, soulful, almond-shaped eyes
5) Her tiny little hands
4) Those cute little toes that we saw on the ultrasound still look the same, ten years later.
3) The way she screams "Dee-Dog" with excitement every day when she gets home from school and sees Kirby.
2) Low muscle tone that lets her sink right into me when she is snuggling - I loved it when she was a tiny baby, and love it even more now.
1)Brushfield spots

So....what's your favorite part of Down syndrome?


jennifer said...

Avery moves through life at his own speed...I love that he does that, and I want to do it too.

I love all the things on your list too...especially the laugh. Avery's laugh is contagious.

And one more thing...I love people who love Down syndrome! :)

mum2brady said...

Ohhh - what a great post Betsy!!! I love the low muscle tone snuggliness and the beautiful smile! I love that Brady helps me slow down and notice the things that are important. That he's always up for a grin or a tickle, and he loves to make us all laugh. And - I love how much he loves me, adoringinly and unconditionally, even when he's ticked that he's not getting his own way (I'm sure this will change, but for now, I'm lovin' it!!!)

Camille said...

Emma's enthusiasm: HI!!!, BYE!!! She is truly happy to see you. Emma's very playful, we have some silly word and voice games that she initiates. Emma always greets strangers Hi. Some respond, some do not. When they don't, I always tell Emma: That's nice, you're saying hello to people. Emma is vey polite, very generous with: scuse me, pease, thank you and her latest, no thank you. The way Emma feels for people who are sad amazes me. Also, I truly think that Emma is making me a better person... I love her to pieces!!!

Shelley said...

Ooh that is a hard one - I can't tell where the DS starts or ends with my Hannah - the bit I love best is her personality - and that is inextricably linked with that extra chrmosome yet separate too. I agree with all on your list especially the full body melts into yours cuddles that Hannah gives.

Tara Marie said...

Awe....I love what you love and more!!!!

My favorite.....this soul that is so powerful and palable. Just amazes me.

and this amazing empathy....for everyone and everything.

Shelley said...

I have been thinking on this some more. I love Hannah absolutely of course I do but maybe what I love about DS is more what it has done for me and my husband - we have been truly blessed with an amazing daughter with such spirit and determination. We have also been lucky enough to practice our belief that 'difference' is a wonderful part of humanity everyday, the dignity of the human being is NOT a moot point in this house and of course lastly but not least we have gained an automatic entree into a world filled with the amazing people who have DS and those who love them. Cheers

Nicole said...

I love that T is able to have fun without worrying about those around her judging her. She allows me that privilege too and boy do we have fun!

Anonymous said...

I love the curvy pinkie fingers, the thumb with one less joint, I love to trace the long crease across the width of her right hand and she loves it too.

I love the sweet softness of her skin, the beautiful way she turns to mush as she falls asleep.

I love everything about her from head to toe, we all do. We can't get enough of her beauty.

Now, one question.... I just looked at my blog header and am now wondering if I am the one who pointed out the caterpillers? I didn't realize that they looked this way until I looked at my header again. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, I just realized the it was "Becky" on the T21 board that made that caterpillar connection.

She's right, they do look like caterpillars.

Anne said...

Brushfield spots as well, Nicky has the most beautiful, unusual eyes. They are often complemnted.

That clothes fit forever. There were some outfits that I loved that my other kids wore maybe once or twice, but Nicky has worn and worn.

Living in the here and now vs. always looking at the next step or stage.

Jodi Reimer said...

This awesome hugs and the fact that my 16 year old still gives them to me.