Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Paige and her friend, Emma, celebrated their birthdays last week. They are 4 years and one day apart. So, they partied together! They took their classmates from their Living and Learning Class to Dairy Queen for lunch, and then they went Bowling, and then back to school for cake.

See how much fun was had by all!

Emma's Mom, Camille, made the cake, but Emma made sure to supervise. She tasted it just to make sure!

Macky, Damien and Brooke waiting patiently for lunch to arrive.

Go, Damien, Go!
I scored! I scored!

Now its Brooke's turn! Throw the ball!

It's gone!

I can't even look! Did I win?!?!

The Birthday Girls

Emma shoots!


Not everyone can look this cute in bowling shoes!
All I can do is hope...
Or maybe one tiny prayer...

The Masterpiece! The Hickory Dickory Dock Clock -
set at 10 and 6, for Paige and Emma!

Emma, you blow out the candles while I chew on my thumb!


Anonymous said...

Oh Happy, happy belated birthday to Paige and her darling friend Emma. It looks like they had a blast!

And no, not everyone can look that cute in bowling shoes.

Happy birthday lovely girl.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos!!! Happy belated Birthday to Paige.

Tara Marie said...

What a wonderful Birthday Celebration for two beautiful young ladies......I love the cake idea of 10 and 6....very clever...and I bet you it tasted delicious, as Emma showed that it was great even before it was baked.

Happy, Happy!

Camille said...

Oh Betsy, I may have baked the cake, but you came up with this wonderful party idea. And what a ball we had!!! Don't all of our kids look great?
Till next year... hi,hi,hi!!!

Skittles said...

Looks like a good time was had by all :) I would have licked the bowl too!!!

mum2brady said...

Happy Happy Belated birthdays Emma and Paige! Looks like the party was a blast and I love the cake - so very creative!!!

Both girls are just beautiful!