Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Today is World Down Syndrome Day!

Symbolic of Trisomy 21, today, 3/21 is World Down Syndrome Day! The theme for this year's WDSD is "Celebrating Diversity," so it was very appropriate for us that Paige's school celebrated the First Day of Spring with "rainbow day" - each class wore a color of the rainbow, and they had a little assembly at school to celebrate the coming of Spring and the diversity of the students at the school.

There are two little girls with Down syndrome in Paige's school - Paige, and Emma - and this was read for the girls at the assembly:

oday is World Down Syndrome Day - the date, 3/21, is symbolic of the extra 21st chromosome that children with Down syndrome are born with.

Please take a moment to remember two very special young ladies who have Down
syndrome at St. *** - Paige and Emma.

God calls us to celebrate one another, and like all of you, Paige and Emma are wonderfully made in His image.

God wants us to recognize that its o.k. to be a little different sometimes. He is happy when we are kind and patient with people who sometimes need a little extra time to learn new things.

All of us are different from one another, and that's what makes us such a beautiful rainbow of souls like we see here in our school today.

As we celebrate this first day of Spring, let us be thankful to God for the
gift of people with Down syndrome.


Also a a cute story to share...this morning, I say to Dakotah - "Hey, today is World Down Syndrome if you know someone with Down syndrome, stop and celebrate them." Her eyes light up, and she goes, "Yeah, there's that woman that walks by our house every morning."

LOL! I say, " couldn't think of anyone else by chance, could you?"

She goes, "Oh, yeah, sorry Paige! I forgot you had Down syndrome!"

Too funny!

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Anonymous said...

ROTFLMBO - Dakota's comment is too good! Guess it goes to show that Paige is Paige and not just someone with Down syndrome ;)

And too cool what her school did for WDSD! Sounds like a great school (I'm sure only because her momma is the best advocate :)