Monday, March 12, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Nic has tagged me! This is a tough one! I have to list my 5 favorite things about feminism.

Here goes in no particular order.

1) I can use my maiden name and married name interchangeably and it doesn't matter.
2) Women can be tradesmen (or tradeswomen!!) - I think I would have liked to be a carpenter.
3) I would never think twice about accepting a job that pays more than my husband's does if it were a job I really wanted.
4) I don't feel guilty when Wayne does housework.Nor do I feel guilty about not laying out his clothes, fixing him breakfast, making his lunch, or any of the other bazillion things that I don't do that make my mother recoil in horror when she visits,lol.
5) Women have a voice now - our opinions are listened to and respected - we can talk politics, religion, etc. with the best of them.

That was tough! In many ways, we are still a pretty traditional household - certainly more traditional that I would have ever guessed it would be when I was 21!

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