Thursday, April 05, 2007

What a wonderful surprise...

Paige came home from school today with a big envelope full of notes and pictures. I often send in crafts for her class to do - at Christmas, each child in her class had a Christmas ornament or gift to take home for their Mom and Dad, and this week, they did Easter crafts.

The envelope contained thank-you's from all of the kids in her class, and I want to share them. Most of them have drawings on them, but many are in pencil, and have the kids' last names on them, so I'm not going to scan in.

Here they are, misspellings and all!

(The kids call either call me by my last name - "Mrs. L...." , or many of them still call me "Mrs. P" - something they adopted in kindergarten, because, well, I belong to Paige, lol.

"Mrs. L, Thank you for the crafts that you bought for us. There wonderful and my parents love them. I enjoy spending time with Paige. She is so nice and smart. Paige is wonderful!"
--Sincerely, Taylor

"Dear Mrs. P, Thank you for all the Easter and Christmas crafts! I appreciate it! I like to make crafts with Paige. Paige is a very nice girl, and you are a very nice girl too. Have a magical Easter." -- Sincerely, Shiara

"Dear Mrs. L - Thank you for letting us make crafts and for buying them. It was really king of you. I love spending time with Paige when I cook with her. May God bless you with all the love you give to us." - Sincerely, Pamela (Note, on this note, there is a little "tally" in the top corner, that says, "God loves you" and it has 6 little stroke marks, lol...)

"Dear Mrs. L - Thank you for buying all of those beautiful crafts. My mom and dad loved them. I hope they like the Easter craft. I really enjoy Paige. She rocks." -- Sincerely Andrew

"Dear Mrs. P - Thank you so much for all the crafts you have brought. I love makeing them with Paige. I guarantee you that my parents are going to love this." -- from Allison

"Dear Mrs. L - Thank you very much for the Easter crafts. I think it was a nice thing that you did. I love Paige. Right now, almost everybody does." Thank you -- Keananne

"Mrs. L - Thank you for the crafts. I injoy baking whith Paige. -- Mandee (note, this picture has a bright sun in each corner on the top, lol)

"Mrs. L - May God Bless you with His love. My mom and dad loved the Easter craft and even saved the Christmas one. I have fun with Paige. " -- Sincerely, Caitlin

"Mrs. P - Thank you for the crafts. Paige is kind and very intelligent. I like to play with her because she is very playful." - Venessa

"Mrs L - Thank you for the Easter and Christmas crafts. I have fun making the crafts with Paige. My mom and dad will like it too." - Samuel (note: this picture has a drawing of Paige walking our dog -- she is about 2" big in the picture, and Kirby is about 8" big, lol!)

"Mrs. L - Thank you for buy craft. My parents love the craft I made. I love makeing the crafts. I loved makeing the Christmas craft. I loved makeing the Easter Craft. I love spending time with Paige makeing the Christmas craft and Easter craft. " - sincerely Tristan

"Mrs. L - Thank you for the crafts. Mtirletty. (note, I have no idea what this means!) I like spending time with Paige because she is so smart. She is one of the sartest kids in our classs." -- from Sheldon

"Mrs. L - Thank you for the crafts. I twas fun making them. The arts and crafts." - Richelle

"Mrs. L - Thank you for the crafts. at Christmas and Easter. Thank you very much for letting me spend time with Paige." - from Jaccob

"Mrs L - Thank you so much for the Easter and Christmas crafts. I'm sure that my parents will love my art. Thanks" - William (Note: William has drawn himself nailed to a cross, with Paige looking on, lol)


Isn't that sweet, funny, and very touching?!?!


Bennetts said...

That is so sweet! :)

RealEstateGirl said...

Betsy, I didn't read this post, I just wanted to contact you. I've spent the past 30 minutes reading about your tribute to your Dad and followed the links from those posts. I found you from Billy Mac's "critique my blog" site.

My father just passed away October 31, 2006 from cancer. He really began to decline quickly last July and then he was gone. I have a puddle of tears on my desk in front of my keyboard, reading what you've written, and recounting the experience with my own Dad.

I hope you'll stop by and visit me and you can read in the archives about my own father's passing. I feel we have much in common.

Kei said...

Betsy, reading those just melted my heart. Love it love it love it. And you are so awesome for sending all the crafts to school for the kids.

Tara Marie said...

A Very Wonderful surprise.....those are the very special moments in life.......and I know I treasure those 'notes' as much as you do.

Miss really do rock!!!!

mum2brady said...

Darling notes Betsy - love them!!! I'm glad Paige has so many loving classmates too - how wonderful is that :)

Tasty said...

Paige is a very nice girl, and you are a very nice girl too. Have a magical Easter.

I don't know if it's just fabulous, or it's PMS. Either way, this made me tear up.

THANK YOU for sharing all of it.