Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Kudos to Paige's School Board

I have to share this with my readers. A few years ago, I sat on Parent Council at my children's school. They go to a Catholic School in our area. I was very, very active in the school; and I enjoyed my time there.

However, we had a "bad apple" situation at the school with a member of our administration. It was a rough, trying time, as many of us had to step out of our comfort zones, and, in essence, become very "toughened" to nasty comments, intimidation games, etc.

It was really one of those times when I had to evaluate what I was doing and why I was doing it. I wanted to walk away; but I just kept thinking that I needed to set an example for my children. I HAD to show them that you have to do the right thing, even when it causes stress and even when it is uncomfortable.

Even two years later, I realize that the bad feelings that happened were not caused by me, or the people I fought this battle with, but rather, as a result of what happened. Still, the costs were great to us - we lost faith in people we believed in, we lost credibility as a Parent Council because of the mess, etc.

Now, I am much less active in the school. Dakotah goes to high school now, and I concentrate my efforts on Paige's needs specifically.

Still...there is an amazing staff and principal at her school now, and I am very happy with the fact that I have chosen that school for Paige.

Today - I went in to speak with the principal and another teacher about "Livee's Loonies" - and as I was speaking to the Principal, I noticed the poster announcing "Catholic Education Week" in our school board.

Our board operates 50 schools in 8 counties, and employs 850 teachers and 450 support staff...and supports 15,000 students. That's a lot of school, in a lot of area (12,165 sq. kms!)

The theme of Catholic Education Week this year is "We are all created in God's Image."

Imagine how very pleased I was to see the 4 little children on the poster - all cute, happy, smiling faces - and the little boy in the bottom left hand corner, with freckles sprinkled across his nose, a big smile on his face - well, he too, was created in God's image - just like Paige - wonderfully and fearfully made in His image - with a little dusting of Down sydnrome thrown in! :)

I'm so proud of the Board and their decision to put this little boy's adorable face on that poster as a reminder to all 15,000 students, and all 1300 staff who will see it on a daily basis of how wonderful diversity is.

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