Sunday, April 08, 2007

He is Risen!!!

Alleluia! The most glorious day of the year!! A day that brings new hope, new life, and remembrance to our faith. I hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!

Our family had the most fun this morning! We have friends who have seven children - the youngest, Princess Olivia, has T21. Olivia has had a rough couple of years, with lots of bouts of pneumonia, and was recently hospitalized again.

This family is one of the nicest, sweetest families we've ever known. All of the kids are so polite and respectful, and fun to be around.

We wanted to do something for them for Easter that would let them know we were thinking of them, and that we had also been there -- Paige has spent a couple of Easters in the hospital too, and its rough - you always feel like you are torn between home and hospital and don't have enough time or energy to do both.

So, this morning at 5 a.m., we snuck out to their house, and hid 140 plastic eggs filled with candy around the outside of their house. We wanted to do it anonymously, but the Mommy in me said, "if I didn't know who it came from, my kids wouldn't be allowed to eat it!"

We left 7 hand painted chocolate eggs with names of all the kids on their front porch, along with a note to Mom and Dad from us.

We were so nervous we were going to get caught - it was still dark outside, and we were wandering all over their property, lol. I was praying that Leonard didn't own a b.b. gun, because if he did, my butt on my hands and knees on his front porch would have been the target!

We had such fun!!! And after, we came back, all got back into bed, and woke up knowing they would have a great surprise when they woke up.


mum2brady said...

How wonderful Betsy - I bet they had the BEST morning. What a great surprise :) Your post brings a smile to my face - thank you!

Jessica said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time!!

mom2rhett said...

Betsy that was so sweet! I bet they had a blast. Happy beleated easter to you and your family....we haven't been around so I am doing a bit of catching up!