Sunday, February 18, 2007

Yesterday was my birthday!

We had a great family day yesterday. We went shopping, and spent a lot of time in my favorite store - the book store! Everyone came home with a fun new book to read.

Then we went to dinner at a very busy restaurant. I have to say, even though its not always evident within the confines of our own home, I have very well-behaved children in public. Paige chose what she wanted to eat from the pictures on her placemat, and sat so patiently waiting for her food to arrive. Although actual words are still far away for her, she is quite a babbler, and carried on a great conversation with all of us as we waited. She is using a combination of Sign and gestures, and voice intonations that is really rather complex.

Gone are the days when I have to feed her, or even tease her to eat. She does quite well all by herself. And although I'm not crazy enough to leave home without a "just in case" change of clothes, I realize my days of diaper bags and trying to find change rooms are gone forever.

And except for our daily teenage meltdown about something trivial to me, but huge to Dakotah (hair not looking right, "the" shirt of the day in the laundry, etc.), I think Dakotah had a good day with us as well.

I was so happy to sit for a while last night and read blogs -- something I always do before I go to bed at night. I have such a strong connection with so many people who share the gift of a little extra chromosome in their lives. My "imaginary" friends in blogland know me more than many of the people I interact with every day.

Its a good life.


Nicole said...

Oh Betsy, I can not tell you how much I truly love you! It is funny to have never met in real life, but trust those who share this journey more than I would trust some members of my family. You have been a gift to me for 7+ years and SOMEDAY we WILL meet in person. I love you honey and I'm glad you had a good day! You deserve the best. Nicole

Mauzy said...

Happy Happy Birthday dear Betsy! We love you!

jennifer said...

Happy birthday, glad it was a good one!

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday Betsy - I am glad yu had a good day.

Annette said...

Happy belated birthday Betsy! I'm sorry I missed it. May you be blessed with a wonderful year to come!