Thursday, February 01, 2007

Coffee Break!

"I probably drink way too much coffee. But if it weren't for the coffee, I'd have no identifiable personality whatsoever." - David Letterman

I saw this idea on a few blogs a couple of weeks ago...and leave it to me, I'm always dragging up the rear on cool ideas!!

If you are visiting my site, won't you stop and say hello? I'm curious to know who is reading what I am writing!

Sign my comments section -- and if you blog, please leave your address -- I'll be sure and add it my list over the weekend. (Jennifer, I'll add yours for sure!)


Camille said...

Of course, there is me. Thanks for the birthday wishes. You know, we could actually have the real thing:
a nice hot cup of coffee together!!!

Shelley said...

Hi Betsy. I love reading your blog - it was one of the first I read and indeed you get an honourable mention in my first ever post for providing inspiration. The post that caught my eye was Paige's Brushfield Spots - complete with a wonderful photo and a 'rewriting' of the medical hitlist to include some of the wonders that that extra chromosome might bring to our children.

PS I'd say that chocolate is my 'coffee' if that is where we get our personality from!


Jenny said...

Hi, Betsy! I check your site everyday as part of my 'getting ready for bed' routine. I don't have a blog as such, but we do have our family website at


Tara Marie said...

I think I stop by to visit your blog, everytime I have a cup of Coffee....and that is a few times a day, even into the wee hours of the night. Yes, I can drink a cup of fresh brewed, high-test coffee before bed and fall right asleep!

I love reading what you write [even if you are like me and go a couple of days without any words......] I just re-read what you have already written!

and I'm honored to already be on your blogroll.......

Peace and love, TM

Mauzy said...

Hi Bets! I am here of course. You always inspire me and of course I come here to check on Kirby too! Seger is 13.5 weeks old and weighed in at 36lbs today. I think that "under 75 lb" estimate the breeder gave us will soon be fodder, and Seger will end up being our usual LARGER golden size, which we love.

oh, and


Betsy said...

Thanks for signing my guest book, everyone! I will make sure and put links on to your blogs and websites as soon as I can.

I have gotten a bad cold in the last two days that seems to be like time lapsed photography -- every hour brings new and different symptoms!

Hopefully that means it will go away quickly.

It takes all my brain cells to change my blog around -- which is really strange, as I wrote my whole webpage in html -- I'd think this would be much easier!

mum2brady said...

Oh no Besty - hope you are feeling better soon! I'd hate for you to have to exchange your coffee for orange juice permanently ;)

I'm Christine, Brady's mom :) I check in and read every few days! I love your posts, they are always so well thought out and written :) I wish I was half as eloquent :)

my blog address is:

jennifer said...

Been reading for a while, time to say hello!

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