Sunday, February 18, 2007

Granna Richard!

Oh, how happy I was to log onto my blog and find your comment! Your family's video has touched me so deeply, and so beautifully. It really is a "must see" film - your family's love for Dwight was so evident throughout the entire film, and we are so blessed that your son retrieved this film and finished it for the world to see.

I would love the opportunity to e-mail you, but cannot contact you through your post on my blog. My e-mail address is

Please tell Dwight to keep coloring! There is something so magical about coloring just for the pure enjoyment of it. My children and I spend a lot of time coloring, even though one of them is already a gives us great family time together.

I have to say that I'm somewhat glad that my daughter Paige finally got through her phase of loving the black crayon the best though -- a couple of years ago, we had black Christmas trees, black Valentine's, black shamrocks, and black Easter eggs!

Even before I had children, I always loved to color, and have always owned a box of Crayola crayons that are "off limits" to everyone else -- tucked away just for me to use when I'm watching tv late at night or wanting to make a special card for one of my kids.

I smiled a big smile when I saw what Dwight was coloring in the film, as one of my very favorite things to color on is graph paper -- making colorful patterns and fun shapes.

Thank you so much for sharing your family with us!


Trixie said...

Hello....I came upon your blog via Emma Sage. Loving what I am reading so far, thanks for sharing! And thank you too for posting about this film. (Tricia from

Nicole said...

Betsy, so cool that you are sharing with her now! I have finally finished my blog entry about their family and what they taught me if you would like to share it with her. Love you!