Thursday, January 25, 2007

Please watch this video

I fixed this if you've tried to watch it and couldn't!

This is an AMAZING video about a woman who is autistic. Its quite long, but so worth watching -- it explains so much.

I am so humbled by this video, that I'm sure I've watch a dozen times. This woman also maintains an amazing online journal -- you can get the URL from the comments section of this post.

I've often been asked how we "communicate" with Paige, since she is virtually non-verbal. But she is so expressive that I forget sometimes that she doesn't have spoken words. They say that communication is only 5% words and the rest is body language, etc. -- that is so true in our house!

Take the time to watch this...

In My Own Language

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Monica said...

Betsy... I just found that this lady also has a website where she posts a lot of self-advocacy writings. Its amazing! She writes a bit more about this video there as well. Here is a link: