Saturday, January 20, 2007


Kirby had a clean bill of health at the Vet's today! He weighed in at 38 lbs -- up from 16 lbs on December 9th! He is such a love puppy!!! Paige calls him "D-Dog" and can't get enough of him. Luckily he has a very sweet personality, and seems to enjoy all the tight hugs and affection.

He's been having a great time enjoying his first snowfall -- a very late arrival for Ontario -- and buries his head in it like an ostrich in the sand! He romps from one snowbank to the other, rolls in it, shakes, and does it all over again.

He is so eager to please and so easy to teach.

His puppy teeth are coming out, and Dakotah keeps trying to get away with putting them in the tooth fairy box, and tucking them under the beanbag he has adopted as a bed. I think I am going to fool her and put a snausage in it one night!

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