Monday, June 12, 2006

Welcome Camille...

For all of my friends who read my blog, please go and see my friend Camille's newest blog. There you will hear of the adventures of Miss Emma, who is all of five years old, and ready to take on the world!

You'll often read about Emma in my blog, as she is one of Paige's best friends in the whole wide world, and was born 4 years and one day after Paige...I always call her the best birthday gift Paige ever got!

Emma is a happy, curious little girl that makes me laugh right out loud with her funny little stories. For a while, she named everything after her family...all of her colors had names like "Amy" "Carl" "Gaby" "Billy" -- it was the neatest thing, because she was very consistent in the labels she gave to everything.

Now, Emma counts to "Infinity and beyond" and recognizes many of the letters of the Alphabet.

Emma makes my heart sing--and I often scoop her up for a quick hug before she's off and running again.

I hope Camille will share all the funny stories she has about Emma with all of you--from when she turns grandpa's O2 down, to drinking out of the kitty's bowl, lol...who wouldn't love this kid?!?!

Camille is one of those treasures you rarely meet in matter what is going on in her life, she keeps wonderful perspective on the important things, and has a heart a mile wide.

She is someone I often look to for great wisdom, and can totally be "me" with...we have that kind of relationship where we know we could always run to one another if we needed to. I know she will always love and watch over Paige for me, and I hope she knows I would do the same for Emma.

She is that kind of friend that can show up at your door while you are still in pj's at 2 in the afternoon, and you don't worry that she are totally comfortable inviting her in for coffee.

Her sister is a SLP, who has taken Paige under her wing, and given me such great hope of really conquering this language barrier that Paige has.

I'm so blessed in so many ways in my life...and here you will find one of the greatest of my blessings:

Please leave her a note!


mum2brady said...

I love those kinds of friends :) Camille sounds like a real treasure - you are so blessed to have each other :)

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