Saturday, June 03, 2006

Walk On, Bobby!

Paige started therapeutic horseback riding again!

This year, she has a new horse that looks just like this. His name is Bobby, and he is so sweet and gentle, and very pretty too!

Paige fell in love with horses the first moment she saw one, and gets so excited whenever we get anywhere near the farm where she rides.

Paige has been riding for 4 years now. When she first started riding, she could barely sit up on the horse, even with support, and by the time she was done her first 6-week session, she was laying down backwards on it

By the end of that summer, she was sitting proudly by herself and getting quite independent. Its a wonderful therapy that allows her to use many muscles in her body that she not normally be able to use.

Paige has severe hip dysplasia, that has affected her hips, her knees, and her ankles. She is not very sturdy on her own legs, but when she is on Bobby--oh my!! She is Queen of the World!

Sometime in the near future, Paige will have to have surgery to correct her hip problems. She will have to be in a full body cast for 12 weeks, and undergo two major surgeries less than 10 days apart.

Because her problems are quite involved, our surgeon has told us that there is a 75% chance of failure from this surgery, and if it does not work, Paige will lose her ability to walk.

Needless to say, with those odds, we are proceeding with extreme caution. She didn't walk until she was almost 6 in the first place, and we are going to do everything we can to preserve that ability for as long as we can now.

Her surgeon is taking her file to "case conference" throughout the summer...where he will discuss her case with many other doctors in his field to see if they have some suggestions that will increase the odds of success for Paige.

One of the incentives for Paige to get better will be her horse!! We know she will work hard to do what she needs to do if it means she can ride Bobby again.

And, until then, we will make lots of visits (with carrots and apples in tow) to visit our newest 4-legged friend.


Tara Marie said...

Oh Bobby is one good-looking horse,,,and I'm just like Paige...the first time I saw a horse I fell madly in love. I love their smell, the way the move...they are one of the most magestic animals I know.

I will be keeping Paige in my thoughts and prayers that her doctor will talk to many doctors who will share their wisdom, insight and experience so that those odds for Miss Paige and the success of her surgery greatly increase!

Peace and love, TM and ES [who aslo loves horses too!]

mum2brady said...

Awwwww - a girl and her horse - who can beat that?

I, too, will be keeping Paige in my prayers that the doctors will be able to find the right answers and that they will be able to provide Paige with the best care and options for a successful outcome!

Your girl is a beauty and such an inspiration to Brady and I :)

Nicole said...

Me too honey, many prayers for the doctor to uncover remedies for Paige this summer. I love the tale of her and her horse!