Monday, June 19, 2006

It's The Most Wonderful Time.......Of The Year!!!

Like Kramer in the Seinfeld Episode with the Mackinaw Peaches that are only in season two weeks of the year -- I am in my glory right now.

My very favourite food in the entire world is in season - fresh, sweet strawberries, still warm from the summer sun are now ready!!

I was allergic to strawberries when I was very young, and I've never fully recovered from that traumatic time in my life - I have never really 'caught up' from all of the strawberries I should have been eating then!!

The strawberries that are fresh picked cannot be compared to anything you can get any other time of the just can't ship them on a truck from California in February and capture that taste of sunshine.

I always say that strawberries are proof that God exists--so perfect in every way.
Paige and I grazed on strawberries all day long on Father's Day.

I have gone on fad diets and eaten nothing but fresh strawberries for two weeks at a time. Not the best choice of diets, but by far the yum-meeee-ist!

So, if I'm not posting very much in the next two weeks, just imagine Kramer as a short blonde with red strawberry stains all over her face and hands...that will be me!!!!



Camille said...

Betsy, You are the silliest... Was juice running down Paige's chin???
Billie brought a basket for Emma yesterday, and oh boy, was Emma going home on the red heavenly berries. I guess I should reduce her lactulose for the next couple of weeks, or else...

mum2brady said...

Oh - you're making me hungry :) I know exactly what you mean - except for me it's watermelon and peaches :) Enjoy!!!

Tara Marie said...

Strawberries are one of my favorites....and actually because my grandfather had a farm with fruits and vegetables,,,I would 'fad-diet' like that all summer and fall long....we would get bushels of what ever was ripe and then we would can/freeze...and eat, eat, eat. My favorite times were going into the fields and picking the fresh strawberries [but because of where the farm was, the soil was very sandy, so we had to wash them before we could eat them.....and peaches,,,I go crazy for peaches.

Enjoy your Strawberry Feast!!!!!!

Nicole said...

YUM! And fun!! :)