Thursday, May 11, 2006

Saving The Best For Last

I saved these last two pictures of Paige from her First Communion to post today.

These pictures are not retouched--there are no filters on the camera; they are just beautiful pictures.

Paige is in the arms of her cousin, my nephew, Craig.

Craig lives 250 miles away in NH, and before that, lived in Washington, DC, so we haven't seen a lot of him over the past few years.

Craig is 28 years old, and last September, married a very sweet, smart, beautiful young lady named Allison. They had a gorgeous wedding, surrounded by many friends and family.

This weekend, Craig and Paige were nearly inseparable. They played together, and cuddled together constantly.

Craig was the first grandchild born to our family; I was 14 when he was born. I adored him so much as a young child, and still adore him to this day.

From a very early age, Craig has had an amazingly beautiful soul. He's very gentle and sensitive and sweet. I've never heard him have a bad word for anyone. He's just a very GOOD person, who would do anything for you.

He's also extremely intelligent; he was reading at 3, and when asked how he learned to read, he said, "I just knew", as if he were born with that ability.

Craig is very analytical and philosophical...he has well thought out opinions, and is a joy to just and talk with. In fact, the Friday night before his wedding, he and I sat up until 5:15 a.m. talking.

His wife, Allison, is a perfect match for him. She's very beautiful and smart, with bright sparkling eyes that light up when he comes into the room.

They bring out the best in one another, and really are a match made in Heaven.

This weekend, Craig announced that he is GOING TO BE A DADDY FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say, I was jumping for joy!!! I was happy, happy, happy!!! And so very excited!

What a lucky baby it will be so loved and so welcomed and so cherished before he or she even arrives.

Craig will make an amazing father--he wears his heart on his sleeve, and the birth of his child will make that heart grow even bigger.

Congratulations, Craig-O...I'm so very proud of the man you have become, and I know you have a wonderful life ahead of you...


Monica said...

Congratulations Craig and Allison. What beautiful picture Betsy... the beauty of what your daughter brings to others comes through so clearly in your pictures and your words. She is just a marvel to me :).

Tara Marie said...

Oh I got chills.....first from the photographs...they are beautiful and you can see both Craig and Paiges spirits glowing from their being in these pictures [I truly believe our souls are seperate and powerful parts of our being....they are our spirit and our life-light,,,our body's are just the vessels they travel in on earth]. And then to read about Craig and Allison and their little baby-to-be....Congratulations!