Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Paige's First Communion

Today's post is going to be a "picture tells a thousand words" theme. I want to share the pictures of Paige's First Communion.

It was a glorious day--sunny and bright and beautiful. Paige looked like an angel in her pretty dress, and did so well at Mass. She took her First Communion so well, and we were all so proud of her.

The details of her dress show up so pretty in these pictures.

Almost time to go in!

Wayne & his parents with Paige

All done at Mass! Let's go play!

They say communication is 5% words and 95% body language. This is Paige with my sister, Kathy. No need for words here..

So very pretty!

I love my big sister!!

Practicing my "prayer pose" (in case the Big Guy is watching ;) )

It was so cute as we were leaving the restaurant where we had lunch, Paige was walking out, and there was a little girl there about 3 or 4 years old. As Paige went to walk by her, the little girl's eyes got HUGE and she said in this breathless whisper, "Look, there's a real princess here."

It was too adorable!

And, of course, Paige had to stop and give the "royal wave" to everyone in the entire restaurant on the way out, lol.


Monica said...

She is a princess... I particularly love the picture of her and your sister... priceless! Ahhhhhhhhhh... the definition of true happiness :).

Tara Marie said...

I am sitting here,,,,with tears,,,with a awe of amazing pictures of a very special and beautiful day. You know what picture started the tears rolling don't you....the one of Paige and her Aunt [your sister] how power.......truly an amazing photograph of such a tender moment.

Congratulations Miss Paige....we are so happy your received your First Communion.

Peace and love,,,Tara Marie & Emma Sage

Nicole said...

Wow she is such a beauty! I love those pictures. Your girl and her dress surely must have stole the show!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful, a princess in deed.