Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Its Official! Paige is Confirmed!

Paige had her Confirmation at Church last night...her First Communion will be in 2 weeks. This is her waiting patiently for her Godparents to arrive.

It was so emotional for me to see her join her class, as well as about 75 other students who were confirmed last night. She had to sit separately from us, with her Godparents, and she did so well through the rather long ceremony.

Its been a long journey, and it was a triumph for us to present a happy, healthy little girl to the Bishop for his blessings, as her baptism was a scary, hurried event, given just before her first surgery.

Boy...how far she's come...what an amazing little girl.

As the Bishop delivered his homily, he spoke to the children about their baptisms, and how it was a time in their lives that everything had to be done for them...that their parents chose to baptize them, and bring them to the Church.

But, now, they were growing up, and able to make the choice for themselves. He gave them lots of examples of how they are independent of their parents now.

Of course, it was with a bit of melancholy that I acknowledged to myself that Paige still isn't able to do many of those things he spoke about...making herself a bowl of cereal, or reading a book, or riding a bike.

But, as he continued to talk, he explained to them that they were being called to God last night for a very important reason. That they were now God's "helpers" and it was their job to help make the world a better place.

He spoke to them about being peacemakers and peacekeepers, and about spreading love to others. He told them that they had to help God teach the world how to be good, and kind and caring.

He said that this would be the most important job they ever had in their lives, no matter what their chosen career was.

As you can imagine, my melancholy quickly disappeared, as I realized that Paige would take her "job" from God as seriously, if not more seriously than the other children in attendance.

In some ways, she will be very lucky not to be burdened by many of the outside stresses of daily living that some of these children will be as they grow.

And, in some ways, her job began a very long time ago; the very first time she opened a heart to Down syndrome, or made someone smile in a grocery store as she laughed away and exclaimed "Hi! Hi! Hi!" over and over until they took time from their busy day and said hello back.

When she kicked off the Children's Telethon, and her sweet face appeared in the bubble of the little girl blowing bubbles...Paige's face appeared in the "hope" bubble.

All the times I've taken her to meet countless new parents of babies with Down syndrome, and she walked up to the new baby, put her hand gently on his or her head, and said, "awwwwwwww, and signed "baby"...and the times when she quickly turned with a hug for the Mom or Dad who needed it too.

And, luckily for me, I had the chance to debate differences yesterday, and was given some very thought provoking reasons to ponder the acceptance of Paige's differences, and to distinguish between coming to terms with differences, accepting them, and rejoicing them.

There are many paths our lives take, and many journeys we have to walk on to find our way...

Thankfully, God has called upon one of his little Helpers to show me the way.


Nicole said...

beautiful moment, beautiful thoughts, beautiful GIRL!

Tara Marie said...

Creator Spirit, strengthen this child with your gifts of grace, to love and serve as a disciple of Christ. Grant that she may grow into the fullness of the stature of Christ. Fill her with the joy of your presence. Increase in her the fruit of your Spirit: the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of love, patience and gentleness, the spirit of wonder and true holiness.


Besty, reading the prayer for confirmation, it makes me realize that our children are born so full of the spirit, filled with patience and gentleness, of love and wisdom, of teaching the way of the spirit with such grace and joy.

Paige is so beautiful and she radiates joy in her photographs.

Sweet Paige, we are so happy you have been confirmed.

Peace and love, Tara Marie & Emma Sage and family

Michelle said...

those are beautiful photos of Paige! Congratulations on your confirmation sweet girl!

Kari said...

Absolutley precious!

Shelley said...

Congratulations on your confirmation Paige - such wonderful photoes. Our kids are only delayed in some areas - in love, compassion and so many other areas - they lead the way and teach us well.

Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures of your amazing and beautiful girl...and such a special moment that the bishop recognized her. I love the photo with her between the bishop and priest. Love reading about God's little graces in your story of the day - that she sat so well for the long ceremony comes to mind.

Betsy, I could read your blog all day...the say 3 nice things a day...and even better the I'm leaving on a jet plane...wonderful stuff, so glad you posted the link on the T21 site and shared your precious girls special day with us.

Anonymous said...

So wonderful! She looks so beautiful too.

Annette said...

Congratulations on your confirmation Paige! Betsy, thank you for sharing such a wonderful moment in Paige's life with us.

mum2brady said...

Congratulations Paige - what a wonderful accomplishment! She looks radiant Besty, soooo happy for you all....