Sunday, April 23, 2006

Compliment Three People A Day

I have a large picture that hangs in my bathroom that's titled "Life's Little Instructions."

On it, there are about 40 or 50 little "pointers" for enjoying life. One of the pointers is to compliment three people a day. That seems kind of hokie at first, as if I'm offering a compliment to someone just to get my "3 a day" in.

But, haven't you ever been out shopping, or washing your car, or at the doctor's office, and someone says something to you, just in passing, and it significantly changes your day or, sometimes even your life?

I read in Nicole's Blog about "hip boy" whom she met on a last minute Target-run to replace melted Easter Bunnies. And the check-out boy who handed Mikey a grocery bag to help his Mom, on a day when Monica was wondering if the world would ever see her son as "just a kid."

So, this blog entry is to acknowledge some memorable moments in time for me...some good, so...not so good.I haven't forgotten:

--The woman in the grocery store who handed me $10, and took my hand in hers, looked at Paige, and said, "I'm so sorry; she would have been so pretty."

--The man with T21 who played with the Bouncing Tigger toy in December 1996. You changed my life forever that day.

--The young man with T21 who came up to me and hugged my big baby belly when I was pregnant with Paige, and screamed "BAAAAAAAAAABBBBEEEEEEEE"

--The old, old woman who exclaimed to her husband, "Oh, look, honey, at the little retarded girl...isn't she just precious?" and then fawned all over her for 20 minutes. It reminded me thatsometimes people aren't just trying to be cruel with outdated words.

--Dakotah kissing my belly the night I got Paige's diagnosis, saying, "Good-night, babydoll", just like she did every other night of my pregnancy. She got it before I did.

--Wayne telling my mother he'd never take his wedding ring off on our wedding day. And he hasn't.

--The gentleman who stopped me at the zoo, and said, "she looks just like are so blessed."

--The woman who came back out of Dr. Pothos' office two years ago, in tears, and gave me a big hug, and thanked me...she had a tiny little one with DS, and I said, "He's so beautiful!! It makes me want a baby all over again." She thanked me for seeing her son, and seeing beauty, and something "desirable." I won't forget how good she made me feel.

--The guy at Subway last year who said, "I'll have what she's having" after I had ordered my sub. I was having a terrible day, and I really needed to feel worthy of being flirted with, and looked at as someone other than a wife and mom.

--The girl at the mall who stopped me in mid-sentence, and said, "You have the most beautiful eyes." -

-The countless people, too numerous to mention, who have stopped to say hello to Paige, or who have waved back at her for the 20th time when she is waving to them. Those smiles and hellos have meant the world to us.


So, just think about it the next time you have an exchange with a stranger somewhere. You might make their day. Smile and say hello to an elderly person. Tell the cashier to have a nice day. Let someone in line for gas go ahead of you.

Oh, and as my bathroom sign says:Never, ever refuse homemade brownies.


Tara Marie said...

Ms. Betsy.....this thread spoke to me in so many ways. My Nana [from Sweden] used to tell me something so very similar to this when I was a little girl, that everything we say or do is part of the continiumn of life...that we touch others and they touch us and it goes around and around.

I hope you don't mind if I expand on this on Emma Sage's blogs sometime soon.....

One moment that is emblazed in my memory [and written in Emma Sage's birth story] is of a little boy of about four/five, who would dance away from his parents [at Universal Studios, Blues Brothers show] over to infront of us,,,,smiling, full of joy....and then work his way back to Mom and Dad and baby sister in the stroller...and then dance his way back towards us. I was only 8 weeks pregnant at the time, but this little boy touched my heart so greatly and opened my mind to the possibility of my unborn baby having T21....actually, the feeling was so strong, that I really knew right then and there that my unborn baby and this little boy shared a special bond. I would love to find this little guy and his parents someday. I figure that someone, somewhere will pass by my website and read my birth story and say "Hey, we were at Universal Studios/Blues Brothers show in October 2000" and say....that was our little boy that touched you so profoundly!

Thanks for this thread brought out so many memories for me and a reminder to remember that what we say and do impacts others.

Michelle said...

I have that same poster "Life's Little Instructions" and it's also hanging in my bathroom too! :)

This was a wonderful thread and I enjoyed reading about all those moments that have touched your life...even the not so good ones beacause they are all part of what help shape us. Thank you for sharing.