Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy Saturday!

Its one of those Saturdays that I just love.

I love the weekend days when everyone is up early, and we've made our plans for the day. I love being home with my husband and kids, and working around my house. There's nothing special planned, but its a good day to be alive.

Its kind of rainy outside, so that puts the stops on our big project right now...putting new siding on our front porch. The rest of our house is newly sided, but for some reason, the previous owner didn't do this small part of the house.

In my own mind, I've got big plans for this house! Although its quite alright as it is, I have redecorated and remodelled it a hundred times over in my head. I figure by the time we've worked our way room by room, the first room will be ready for my imagination again. :)

So, in light of the rain, we are working on inside projects.

I've already got a big roast cooking in the crockpot for dinner, and homemade soup is on the menu for lunch. I like that I don't have to think about what to feed everyone for at least another 24 hours!!

Dakotah and I are tackling her bedroom today...a task that would daunt the most hearty. She's got so many clothes in that room that she's outgrown, and they need to be weeded out. God only knows what else I'll find in there in our adventures.

Wayne is working on his Little League today. He's starting it from scratch in our town, and has 125 kids signed up. He's got a lot of work to do to organize it. I'm sure before the end of the summer, I'll be irritated at how much time its taking up, but for right now, I'm happy that he's decided to do something good for our community.

He's a bit of an "anti-volunteer" and I'm snickering under my breath a little bit at how involved he's gotten with this...its pay back for all the volunteering I've done over the past years, where he shook his head, and thought I had a big red "S" on my forehead for doing it.

And Paige...well...Paige is moving from project to project today. She'll love being in Dakotah's room, taking clothes out of drawers, going through all of her books and magazines, and generally making a mess of anything we've already cleaned.

Right now, she's sitting on the floor with a lip gloss, trying to glue two pieces of paper together, lol.

Its one of those days when I feel content to

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Tara Marie said...

It sounds like an absolutely perfect day to....just BE!

Paige cracks me up....her spirit of exploring is so beautiful [even if others think it is creating a mess...I know she had a blast creating it!]

And for Wyane,,,,,clapping my hands loudly for taking on this project, Little League is such a wonderful activity for children and boy, what a huge undertaking he has taken on......I wish him a season full of 'firsts' and lots of smiling children.

Enjoy being.......