Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dream a little dream of me...

I have about 7 or 8 dreams that I have had for close to 20 years. These dreams are always the same, all the same details, people involved, etc. They come without rhyme or reason, and are so familiar to me that I am almost in an awake state when I am dreaming them.

Its funny, but I almost forget the dreams until I have them again, and then I wake up thinking, "there is that darn dream again." Last night's dream was the one about my sister finding out she is pregnant. In the dream, I see her go through all the stages of pregnancy, with her giving birth to a little boy. Then the dream fast forwards, and I see the little boy about two years old.

In the dream, I am near the boy, but I can't touch him. And I never learn his name. That bothers me, both in the dream, and when I wake up. And I ache for this little boy, totally jealous of her getting pregnant by "accident."

There is so much strange in this dream - first, Kathy's boys are 27 and 31, and she is, well, past child-bearing age, lol. I'm very close to her and her boys, and don't understand why I dream that I can't get near this child.

And, in my waking hours, I am not, not, NOT desiring to be pregnant, lol.

This dream, and the few others that I keep having bother me for days after I have them...I feel vulnerable, haunted by them.

Does anyone else remember their dreams so vividly?


Tara Marie said...

I have chills Betsy, because like you, I have dreams. Some so vivid and powerful, and they haunt me. I also have dreams of things to come, and that is why the recurring dreams that just don't make 'sense' haunt me, as like I need to figure out the message before in unfolds in front of me in reality.

I have been missing you. I have not had time to blog surf, like I like to do, and I do think that there was a reason I found my way to you this evening.

Give your sweet Paige a big hug and kiss from Emma Sage and I, and I can imagine the incredible teenage summer that Dakota is having.....these are truly some magical years and I know you are watching and savoring her journey!!!!!

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