Saturday, March 07, 2009

Loving Dave Hingsburger!

There is a hole in this world that I fit into. It's an odd shaped hole. But its mine.
- Dave from Chewing The Fat.

As I said to Dave on his blog, I love the idea of creating my own hole in the world - rough around the edges in some spots, smooth in others, and then just kinda funky and groovy in others.

What Dave says is so true - each of us creates a little hole in this world through our words and actions, through our sense of humor, or our grumpiness, or our ability to love, or our desire to express an opinion or any other of innumerable ways.

I write often about Paige and sometimes about her differences - but her differences are really no more grand or more pronounced than anyone else's. Maybe they are a bit more visible to the general population, but in all of our striving to fit in, to be like others, I believe we all carry an innate desire to be distinct and memorable too.

Sort of like a carbon footprint, only maybe a little nicer, the hole in the world we create is up to us. Some of us will choose a nice, neat little hole, with smooth edges and not much definition. Others will leave a giant blast that says "I was here!" in enormous, eye-capturing ways.

I think our hole will be in the eye of the be"hole"der - as I can imagine that I would describe Dave's hole in the world to look differently than Joe would describe it.

Over the past few days, I've contemplated the people I know and what their holes would look like - a big variety of shapes and sizes, and edges to be sure. Yet, everyone has created something to be remembered - something distinctly theirs.

Perhaps this thought of Dave's - that we all have a hole in the world that is ours, is a great equalizer. I imagine none of the holes will say "this person's IQ was..." or "he stuttered" or "she had seizures."

Instead, just like I said to Dave, we'll see some smooth spots, and some rough spots, and probably something funky and groovy too.

Certainly, there are people like Dave who's little hole in the world will never be forgotten. And the rest of us will never be quite the same for seeing it.


Dave Hingsburger said...

Well, I blush. Thanks for writing this and guiding me to it. I admit that until you really took notice of it - I didn't really see what I had written. The wonderful thing is that readers can prompt writers to actually understand what they have written. Your take on the 'holes' we leave is much more profound than my own. You've caused me to look at the whole idea with fresh eyes. Thankyou.

All 4 My Gals said...

I love this idea. And I love you and your hole Betsy. You are grand!

Miss Magic said...


This has got to be one of my all time favorite Betsy posts...and there are tons! Thank you. I think Maren's hole is cat eye shaped with little rhinestones :-).

Tara Marie said...

I love this......and being part of your w-hole, in relationship to the friendships and inspiration your hole has created.

Love you.

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