Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Isn't it funny how the smallest events are the ones that create the sweetest memories?

We were just remembering some of our favorite Valentine's moments. There are, of course, those traditional memories, when Wayne and I were young, and he was trying to woo me - and would send dozens of roses to me leading up to Valentine's Day, with some really neat gift arriving on the day itself. Or the hours I spent madly in love with him 250 miles away, scouring the Hallmark stores for just the right card - and not, being able to decide on one, would send off many to him.

We were laughing because of all the sentimental ones we sent to one another, the only one we can actually remember the words to was one I sent to him that went like this: (sorry, adult content, lol)

Outside of the card: "Know what I like most about being your sex kitten?"
Inside of the card: "Playing with your squeak toy."



My dad was always romantic to my mom on Valentine's Day, and would always bring her yellow roses, her favorite, for that day. But, the last year he was alive, just a month before he died, he wasn't able to do much for her, but she brought him a little stuffed raccoon that was dressed in a sweater with hearts on it, and a little red mask, along with some candy.

The last day we saw him alive, Paige (not quite a year old) was laying on his bed with him, cooing at him, and just being near - and he showed her the raccoon. She was playing with it, and I heard him say to her, "why don't you take care of this for me."

She still has it, and needless to say, it is very, very precious to us.

When Dakotah was in Jr. Kindergarten, just barely 4 years old, she spent almost an entire week copying the names of her friends onto Valentine's Day cards, and signing them all. I remember she couldn't fit her whole name on one line, and she tucked the letters of her name anywhere she could fit them - too cute!

And one year, her and I spent hours and hours and hours cutting dozens of hearts out of pink and red felt, and then tying them with ribbons to her pants and shirt, and putting them in her hair for "heart day" at school - the class that wore the most hearts got a pizza day. I'm pretty sure she was instrumental in helping her class be the winning class.

On Paige's first Valentine's Day in school, she was in what we called the "black period" - her favorite color was black, and everything she colored was black!!! Our whole house was decorated for Valentine's Day in BLACK hearts - taped on cupboard doors, the refrigerator, every surface we could find. She sure colored a lot of hearts that year, lol.

Way to go goth, Paige. heh.

So...keep it simple today. Make a memory for your loved one. Write "I choo choo choose you" in lipstick on the bathroom mirror. Tuck a red paper heart in someone's pocket. Lift your little one's shirt up and cover his or her belly in kisses (note, this also works with husbands, lol). Trace a heart in the frost (or dirt) on your car's back window.

Be goofy and sentimental!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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Thanks Betsy, I love you honey!

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