Monday, December 08, 2008

Almost there!

One month from today, if all goes well, Paige will have her body cast removed. In total she will have spent more than 6 out of the last 14 months in a cast, unable to sit up or roll over, or do much of anything other than lay somewhat flat on her back, with her legs suspended in the air.

To say that this would break the spirit of most of us is probably a grand understatement. I can't imagine the frustration of not being able to move; not being able to scratch an itch, or reposition myself while I sleep, or sit up to watch t.v. or eat dinner.

I can't imagine anyone in our family having the courage and strength that Paige has had throughout this ordeal. I have trouble sitting still long enough to post my blog, or watch a half hour television show.

Dakotah would certainly spread the misery around - she would be so bored and so frustrated, and wouldn't hesitate to take that out on ME, lol. She'd be the kid that wanted the bell next to the bed so she didn't have to wait 8 seconds for anything. And by about day 3, I'd be ready to take that bell and hurl it as far as my arm could throw it.

Ditto to how Wayne would handle it.

Its even more amazing that Paige has such limited verbal skills and is really unable to understand the "why" of this cumbersome cast, and yet, she still takes it all in stride. Her entire world changed virtually overnight. She went to school one day, played with her classmates, did her work, and then the next, she went to the hospital, fell asleep, and then...THIS.

She is one of the most gracious human beings I've ever known. Every single morning she greets me with that sweet little voice of hers. She smiles at me as I bend to hug her and talk with her, running her hand through my hair, taking the inventory of the familiar things she loves - checking each of my ears for earrings, looking for Kirby who has inevitably come into the mix, wanting some attention.

Her day is quiet, no noisy classrooms, no assemblies, no preparation for the Christmas play.

But, every single day from her quiet comes respect and adoration from those of us who love her so dearly. She lays on a blanket on the floor, and we all clamour to be near her - to talk with her, and adore her and help shorten her long days.

And inevitably at night, when its time to go to bed, Dakotah will be the one who wants to sit next to her and tell her all about her day, and what she has done. And then, more often than not, Dakotah will sing to her; almost always Beatles lyrics, from her favorite movie of all time "Across The Universe."

And Paige will join in - singing her lungs out with nary a real word spoken - just holding her big sister's hand, mimicking the rhythm's of the music with short syllables, dah dah dah dee dah, ma ma ma ma ma.

People may look at our family and think us very far from a normal family with typical happenings.

For that, all of us thank God every single day.


luvmypeanut said...

Aren't our children marvelous? They can withstand some of the most trying situations and still come out smiling!

continued prayers for Paige as she heals!

All 4 My Gals said...

I love you and your family Betsy. Paige is so beautiful! There is not one of my girls, including Tarenne, who would handle what Paige has been through with such grace and strength.

Much, much, love!

Tara Marie said...

Hugs to our sweet are such an amazing little soul.

Betsy, have you ever seen this site? Sarah's writing is so beautiful. I ordered her book to read more.

Love, TM

mum2brady said...

Miss Paige is indeed one of the most amazing little girls I have ever had the chance to "know". Praying that the surgeries did their magic and that Paige heals well.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!!

Hugs from Brady and I :)

k said...

I am praying for your sweet girl Betsy! Paige is truly a hero in my eyes. Her spirit is uncrushable!
Stephanie & Katie

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