Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm Still Here!

Its been so long since I've posted - its like going to church - you do really well going, and then you miss once, and its hard to get back on track again!

Life has been busy as usual for all of us. The girls have just 7 or 8 more days of school left, so we're finishing off end of the year things for them - final exams for Dakotah, IEP meetings for Paige...then field trips and special events at school.

We finished up our annual CHEO fundraiser by presenting a cheque on the Children's Telethon for over $15,000 again this year. We will never fully repay them for all that they have done for our family, but it is a start...

Our summer activities have started, and all of those appointments for Paige that I booked off until the summer will soon be upon me. As usual, Dakotah wants to travel to New Hampshire for a couple of weeks, and attend Journey to The Father.

Baseball season has started, and is taking up huge amounts of our time. Its tough to run 12 teams of kids from age 4-16, to keep schedules, make sure every team has everything they need, fill in for coaches, etc. Wayne is even busier than I am with it - I've sort of lost some of my inspiration, and really enjoy what I like to call the "public relations" part of it the most - you know, the part where I chat with the parents, cheer the kids on, and make sure everyone has water and orange slices.

Its the constant demand of paperwork and deadlines put forth by Little League itself that is really overwhelming for us.

Paige is doing well. We had her IEP this week, and I through some wrenches in for all of her 'team' to think about. I feel as if she can be challenged a bit more, and that, if we twist and turn our approach a bit, then we may find little niches that we haven't found yet for her to learn and develop better.

So, we'll see how that goes....

We'd love a summer pool in our backyard - it would be so therapeutic for Paige - she would be able to exercise those muscles of hers so much better. Someday!!!

All in all, life is pretty normal around here - and that's not a bad thing at all!!


Mauzy said...

nice to "see" you back! And add my vote in for the pool, for whatever its worth. It would be great for Paige, and momma too

Pam said...

Add my vote for the pool too!!

He can't say no now, right? I am glad that you are still around, I have been thinking of you.


Pam and Rhett

Miss Magic said...

Welcome back Betsy!!! I vote pool too,,, and dump Little League, LOL. This is my first year as a LL mom with Jonah and I despise it already ;-)

Tara Marie said...

I've been missing you and your gals......glad to hear school is almost over and the carefree joys of summer are upon you.

I just clicked on 'Journey to the Father' and it looks like a cool retreat.

If you head to New Hampshire, I would just have to figure out a way to meet up with you.....

Love ya.

Laura said...

Cool, pool party at your house this summer ~ I am SO there! lol

Glad to hear things are going well.