Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kate27, 30 & 37!!!

I was so happy to see you post on my blog, but your name is not clickable! Email me at BetsyBiskt@hotmail.com.


Stefanie Worth said...

Surprise, Betsy!

Not sure you remember me from StorkSite, but I'm mom to Thomas, who has Sickle Cell Anemia. I think about you and Paige often and still pray for all the Storkie kids every night. Today I'm home with my youngest (a daughter (finally!), 6) and decided that -- doggone it -- I was going to find you. And I did.

I haven't caught up on your blogs, but it is wonderful to see Paige and Dakota so grown up. My oldest just completed his first year of college. These kids are really getting old! ;)

I see you are resolute as ever and, over the years, I've become all the more convinced that Thomas is mine because no one would have ever fought for him the way I do. Now that my daughter has suddenly encountered a mystery illness of her own, I'm sure I'm right where I was meant to be.

Any hoo, know that my thoughts are with you in your day-to-day run of endurance. Hugs to the girls. Take care of yourself, too.


Nicole said...

Betsy, so fun to see people trying to find you from your more active online days. I remember that feeling! I was panicky until we connected again. Just know what an influence you are honey! LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

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Laura said...

So that's you on the right, right?! LOL

I need a Paige fix, ya beotch! Get on it would ya?! ;)

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