Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I miss this girl!

Its been nearly 2 weeks since Paige and I returned from New Hampshire. Dakotah stayed behind with my sister. Tonight, we are going to meet them halfway to pick her up.

Typical of a teenager, this child can drive me crazy! Most especially with her having mono over the last three months - we have spent every day together. She is a 'velcro' kid, and likes to be near me when she is home. If I leave the house, she wants to go - if I go from one room to another, she follows.

She and I are close, and there is very little about her every day life that she doesn't share with me, right down to the last minute detail. I know every detail of who likes who, which friend of hers got new shoes, you name it.

There are times when she says my name that I have to close my eyes, take a deep breath, and then say, "what, Dakotah?"

Sometimes when I say my prayers at night, I simply say, "Lord, give me strength to get through the next few years." I long for peace and quiet for just 20 minutes, when I'm not be demanded upon. I crave those days when I'm older and my house is quiet again for a while.

So, I knew this little break would do us good.

Because, my goodness...I miss her. I miss her a lot. She spent a few days on Prince Edward Island, where phone contact was limited.

I nearly went crazy. I want her back. I want my little girl/big girl back home. I can't wait to hear every detail of the last two weeks, and to plan out the rest of our summer together.

She starts high school in a couple of weeks. She is planning a trip to France in her Junior year and a trip to Italy in her Senior year.

And in four short years, I will be sending her away to University. And most likely, that will be far away, in New York City or Boston.

I want her to take me with her - to watch every detail of her beautiful life unfold. I want to see her grow, and learn, and be there to pick her up when she falls.

I want the world for my lovely daughter.


Mom to Rhett said...

It's funny how we want them to grow up so quickly, and then all of the sudden they are there, and all we want is our little child back.


Nicole said...

I love your relationship with her. Precious and priceless.