Friday, June 15, 2007

This Pretty Much Sums It All Up!

Its been a crazy, hectic month of June in our house!

Paige came down with pneumonia at the end of May, and has taken some time to recover. She is doing much better now, after a new antibiotic that kicked in. She is enjoying her last weeks of school and can recognize almost all the letters of the alphabet now!

Dakotah has also been sick for close to a month now. Very weepy, emotional, whiney, etc., complaining of vague pain and just not herself. I thought perhaps something was happening at school, but she insisted it was not that.

Well...earlier this week, I took her to the dr's, who quickly diagnosed her with mono. Duh - I don't know why I didn't catch it - she is simply completely exhausted. Her liver and spleen are both very enlarged, and she must be very careful with physical activity.

She has Grade 8 graduation coming up at the end of next week, and is having to pretty much stay bedridden in hopes of garnering enough energy to attend that. Last weekend, when we went shopping for shoes to match her formal dress she is wearing, she was 15 minutes in the mall before she was in tears and insisting she had to go home because she was just too tired to go.

I feel badly for her - it comes at a very bad time for her busy life - she is missing end of year school activities, parties celebrating the end of elementary school and the transition to high school, etc.

And, I must admit, it is very trying on my own patience to be so vigilant with her about resting, and taking care of herself. She is frustrated at feeling o.k. as long as she is resting, but as soon as she exerts any energy, she gets exhausted again - she's bored, crabby, and not a lot of fun right now!

Today is my last day of work for the summer (hopefully). I am so glad because I am so overwhelmed with stuff! My poor house is in desperate need of attention other than the in and out routine that we all seem to have that gives us just enough time to mess it up, but not enough time to clean it up!

Dakotah's dress needs some alterations, she wants a wrap made for her shoulders, and I haven't even begun to consider teacher's gifts - I'm usually so good at coming up with something unique and homemade. Now, I'm just wracking my brain for something fast and inexpensive!

Little League is in full swing (haha) - Wayne has added some All-Star teams to his roster, and is basically at baseball 4-5 nights a week plus Saturday morning. If he doesn't get to mowing the lawn very soon, we will have to bring a hay baler in.

And the amount of paperwork to be a charted Little League group is absolutely INSANE!!! There are so many deadlines, so much stuff that has to be done behind the scenes for it...its a full time job all in itself. I tried to get him to hire me as the Little League secretary - he was very willing to do that, but very UNwilling to actually pay me for it! :)

I've also gotten another project that I am very, very excited about. My friend Melissa has asked me to put together a video presentation celebrating the life of her daughter Isabella. Isabella has MLD, a muscular dystrophy that has a very poor prognosis. She is a beautiful child, and I am so happy that Melissa is entrusting me to such a magnificent project. I am so lucky to know so many amazing people!

So, our summer is crazy busy, and we haven't even officially begun it yet - the girls are in school until the 26th.

Calgon--take me away.


Nicole said...

Oh Bets, I'm so sorry that the girls have been/are sick! I hope Dakotah kicks this mono and is feeling much better and full of her energetic self soon. Many prayers for healing.
Love, Nicole

Tara Marie said...

Both my big girls have had mono this past year....not fun, as it really takes it toll on them. I'm praying Dakotah rests, as that is truly the only way to beat this beast.

Thinking of you all....

Shelley said...

Sorry to hear that Paige and Dakotah have been sick. I haven't heard of mono before but it sounds horrible - especially for a young girl who wants to be on the go. I hope that things settle down and you have a great summer.