Friday, June 22, 2007

Graduation Day!

Dakotah graduated from Grade 8 today. I am now officially the mother of a high school student! Egads!

Her graduation was lovely - all of the girls were dressed in their finest, and the boys, well, some of them tried, and some of them went for the "I'm not trying at all" look.

There was a beautiful Mass, followed by the Graduation Ceremony itself.

Dakotah was awarded the "Christian Citizenship Award." It reads, "This award goes to the student who best exemplifies Christian values such as respect, kindness, empathy and tolerance."

So...we were pretty proud of that one, as you can imagine! She has about 100 kids in her class, and we were especially happy to see her selected for this particular award. She also received awards for maintaining honor roll status during Jr. High, and a Merit Award.

She looked very beautiful today, and I will post pictures as soon as she gets home with the camera...she had a very big day. She was up at 6:00, had to be at school for 9:00, Mass at 10:00, Graduation at 11, a luncheon after, then a school dance. Tonight she is going to dinner with about 30 of her friends - they are all going dressed up to a nice restaurant. Afterward, they have a bonfire to go to.

Poor kid woke up totally exhausted before her day even started. The boning on her dress is hurting her tender spleen and liver, and she was pretty much done for when we left at 1:00.

What a time to have mono!!


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo for Dakota. My Hannah graduated a from 8th grade a few weeks you probably recall.

My goodness, high school? Where has the time gone?

Mauzy said...

Congratulations Dakota!