Sunday, November 02, 2008

We are home!

Paige had her surgery on Tuesday. It went smoothly, although it took a bit longer than the last one - she was in the OR for nearly 8 hours. Last time, we had a really, really hard time with pain control after the operation - they just could not get ahead of it, and she was really out of her mind with it those first 8-10 hours afterward. I was very worried about that.

This time, the anesthesiologist did an epidural before they even began the surgery and what a HUGE difference it made. She woke up comfortable, and not so frightened. We were able to go into a regular room and it was just so much less panic.

Her surgeon is amazing, and I'm very grateful to him, but I gotta say - those anesthesiologists rank right up there - they are the ones who hand out all the good drugs, lol. I was also able to have a good chat with the head of the anethesiology department the next day - and told her how different the experience was this time, so maybe they will keep that in mind if any other little ones need this surgery.

So, the cast is back, of course - from ankles to armpits. She feels soooo heavy this time - I really cannot lift her by myself anymore. I think they coated her with lead before they casted her, lol.

She is doing o.k. - just getting back to eating and drinking a bit, and complaining a lot!

We got a freak snowstorm the night of her surgery - high winds, 6-8" of snow, crazy weather that Wayne had to drive home in late that night. We had just cancelled our appointment for snow tires, because her surgery date got changed.

We are snuggled up at home until she gets better, probably 8-12 weeks or so. She very much wants someone right beside her all the time - there was so much activity in the hospital and so many people poking and prodding her, that I think she wants someone standing guard for her. Poor kid, she'd hear a cart coming down the hallway, and she'd say, "all done, all done" - afraid they were coming for her.

She had a sweet little roommate named Jenna, that had a very unusual life story - I'll write more about her, but I have to wrap my brain around all of it - its one of those stories that make you rethink so many things.

Thank you everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers - we felt them all. Big hugs to those of you who have had really tough weeks - especially Tara Marie - I'm thinking about you, and know you will love Greta through the hurt.


Stefanie Worth said...

Glad Paige is home and recovering and that this experience was a better one for her. You're still in my prayers!

luvmypeanut said...

I'm glad you're all home! What a relief to get home!

Continued prayers for our Ms Paige as she heals.

All 4 My Gals said...

I'm so glad you guys are home and that it went well. Continued prayers for recovery. I love you honey!

Tara Marie said...

My computer got attacked and I thought I had posted to this thread a few days ago...but it is missing in cyberspace.

We are so glad you and your sweet girl are home.

Hugs and kisses.

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